Why hiring an out of town agent may cost you thousands. Hamilton Real Estate Show – MAY 28 2016

May 28, 2016

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Why hiring an out of town agent may cost you thousands. Rob Golfi and Laura Bielak (Sales Representative with The Golfi Team) are in the studio on May 28, 2016 with Rick Zamperin to discuss a variety of topics. For any one interested in Real Estate topics for the Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara Regions listen in to The Hamilton Real Estate show.

The average realtor only sells about 4 homes a year. This is surprising but this is something that most people don’t know. So when you get a Toronto Real Estate agent coming into Hamilton, and he wants to list a home for a relative in Hamilton, do you think that when he has to show that out of town home, that he is going to jump in his car and drive all the way to Hamilton, battle traffic and spend half a day to show the home – and do this every time someone wants to see the house? They actually put those calls aside. They are actually hoping that a local realtor is going to sell that home for them. So the owners of the property are missing a lot of possibilities for the sale of their home by going with an out of town realtor. Hiring an out of town agents to find you a home in Hamilton, presents another whole set of challenges. Hamilton has funny pockets. You can have a great family street where a couple of streets over is a high crime area for example. Out of town agents won’t know these things. You have to have the pulse of Hamilton and be living and working in Hamilton to be able to inform your clients properly on where they should be buying a home and what price they should be paying. Out of town real estate agents traditionally over pay for homes in this area because they are used to Toronto prices and don’t know the area well enough to know that they are doing their clients a disservice. When someone purchases a Hamilton home through an out of town realtor and then try to sell the home later, they sometimes are not able to recoup their original investment in the home and then they realize that they over paid. Want to know how to interview an agent and what questions you should be asking? Listen in below to this episode of The Hamilton Real Estate Show for more about this topic. Please send any questions you may have to and we will answer them in our next show.



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