Which 2 cities are taking over the real estate market? Mar 31 2018

April 05, 2018


On this week’s episode of the Hamilton Real Estate show Rob Golfi is joined by owner of the company “Ki Fix” Bob Clarke. “Ki Fix” is a single purpose company whose sole priority is to remove Kitec from any plumbing system. Golfi and Clarke discuss the epidemic of Kitec in plumbing and why it is such a serious issue in real estate today. Rob provides his opinion and talks about the issues he incurs when selling a home with plumbing that contains Kitec.

Does it affect the price of my home?

Bob shares his past encounters with Kitec and the negative effects the contamination has on house evaluations and regulations. Following the consequences of this problem Bob speaks on how “Ki Fix” can provide a solution to home owners as well as enhance the value of their home.

Flipping Houses- is it as easy as it looks?

The short answer is no. The business venture of flipping homes is one that seems much easier than it really is. Rob talks about flipping houses and the challenges people overlook upon purchasing a house they intend on flipping. Find out how reality TV shows are doing more harm than good to people looking to flip houses.

These 2 cities are taking over the real estate market:

For the past decade, Toronto and Vancouver have been the hot spot for real estate in Canada. However, tax hikes and interest rates have guided investors to new areas in the east and west, respectively. Find out which cities are seeing an increase in transactions on this week’s podcast. In conclusion, Rob reveals the top countries Canadians are investing in real estate and what factors are attracting consumers to the these countries.


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