Where to buy Real Estate in Hamilton in 2018 – Apr 21 2018

April 21, 2018


There was a special guest on this week’s episode of the Hamilton Real Estate show! Jeff Golfi joins the podcast alongside his younger brother Phil, father Rob and host Rick Zamperin. Jeff is a sales representative for the Golfi Real Estate team and brings fresh ideas to the table on this week’s topics.

Top 5 areas to buy in Hamilton:

The Golfi team reveals the top 5 neighbourhoods to buy in Hamilton according to a recent article by MoneySense magazine. Subjects such as affordability, potential, and establishment are all discussed as influencing factors on the top 5 rankings. Find out why these locations are not only attractive for home buyers, but investors as well looking for a successful venture flipping or renting.

Toronto – at what price are Canadians willing to pay?

The GTA market has recently taken a stumble as the banks implement the new stress test long with borrowing costs rising, however the prices are still sky high in Toronto. The Gofi’s and Zamperin discuss how Canadians are dealing with the exorbitant amount required to live especially in the downtown core.

Doing renovations right the first time:

The Golfi team share their experiences from customers doing renovations to their home, and what not to do when looking to renovate your home right the first time. The pros and cons of the concept “having a guy” are explained and what could happen when home owners are not careful.

Top 35 cities to buy in Canada:

The top 35 cities to buy real estate in 2018 are reviewed and analyzed on what makes them such compelling destinations. Elements such as the respected local economy, accessibility and convenience are discussed and compared.



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