When does the Spring real estate market officially start? Feb 17, 2018

February 17, 2018


  • When does the Spring real estate market officially start? The Spring real estate market usually start before the official day of Spring. February or the beginning of March are great times to list you home. People tend to want to wait for Spring when flowers are in bloom and the winter thaw is over. This, however, may cause you to miss the market. Historically March is usually the best month to list your home, especially in the last 3 or 4 years. Looking at stats for the lasts 10 years reveals that March is usually the best month to list. If you have some summer pictures of your home, you can always include them in your listing. The weather is starting to get a bit better and the phone are starting to ring. The unit sale price in Hamilton is decreasing but the average sale price per home is still increasing.
  • Strategic moves for a faster home sale
  • What are the risks of co-signing on a home? Co-signing can hurt your ability to buy a car or another home. It goes against your credit debt ratio because you are 100% responsible for that co-signing debt. It may impede your chances of borrowing money for yourself if you need to..
  • MacDonalds versus Tim Hortons? Roll up the rim or a buck a coffee?
  • Ontario Real Estate Agents seeking increased transparency in Home Sales. This relates to Bidding Wars. Right now in a bidding war, you do not know what the other offers are. The only people that know are the Real Estate Agents representing the seller and the home sellers themselves. Increased transparency means that changes  by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) would be made to have more of an open auction during bidding wars, where everyone can see all the offers on the specific properties that are for sale and it will be more like a live “Storage Wars” auction. OREA is trying to decide if they want to make this change to the way real estate transactions are being handled.


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