Virtual Home Staging and Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

May 30, 2020

We can transform your Home into a Buyers Dream by transforming  your photos into stunning, virtually staged ones. Help Buyers Visualize a Space with professional real estate virtual services. STAND OUT FROM THE COMPETITION! Properties that are staged sell FASTER and for a HIGHER PRICE than non-staged properties.

More than 90% of potential buyers search for houses online, where you only have seconds to catch their attention.  Virtual staging is a great alternative to regular staging and helps buyers visualize a space’s full potential, increasing the likelihood of a property showing.  Here on the Golfi Team, we understand that not every client is comfortable with regular staging dur to the pandemic situation. The Golfi Team has pivoted our business and services to accommodate for safe business. Sell listings faster and for more money with virtually staged images when conventional staging is not an option for you. Our designers love using creativity to transform empty rooms into beautifully staged properties that sell for more.

Virtual Staging

We have the ability to take any photo and virtually stage them to a room with a desired look. Our team uses an extensive library of furniture which includes a variety of different styles to make any space stand out.  Empty rooms can have various accessories added in. For example, with an empty living room, the virtual stager can add in an appropriate white looking carpet, with a modern couch, and a flat screen TV. Accessories like a bookshelf can be added into the corner of a room, filled with books and other items.

Clutter Removal:

The clutter removal process is quite similar to the virtual staging process. With properties that are not vacant, our virtual stager is able to virtually remove items from a home, and then apply various different furniture.

For example, if a client has some out of date couches and a dining set that they want removed, we can simply take them out of the photo and provide a more modern look to the home.



Room Reconstruction

If a room is unfinished, we have the ability to help clients visualize what a room could look like as a newly renovated area. Floors, cabinets, furniture and walls can all be virtually staged, all while keeping the original structure of the home. This all follows the pattern of the client choosing a newly renovated style that they’d like the photos to, to give buyers an idea of what the home could look like.



Matterport and COVID-19

Tackling the #coronavirus epidemic while ensuring business continuity for our customers has been the challenge for Real Estate Agents globally. This has become our new normal. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business. Virtual Real Estate includes Livestreaming from platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live and Google Hangouts. The Golfi Team Remax Realty is also using Matterport technology to help customers navigate and quickly adapt to our changing world.

The Golfi Team Remax Realty has now begun to provide open houses online with #Matterport #3D #virtualtours. This #COVID19 Pandemic has not entirely minimized buyer interest. There are buyers that are still looking for whatever reason. Some out of necessity of housing and some for investment.

With Matterport technology, we can create experiences like nothing you’ve ever seen before. We will be able to digitize your space so that you can view it from multiple angles. With this technology, you will be able to see room sizes and details of the home, just as you would from an actual walk through. Matterport creates 3D digital walk-throughs with schematic floor plans. Matterport also creates 4K print quality photos, videos and other media.


Click here to view a sample of a Matterport Virtual 3D Tour!


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