Top 4 Recent Changes In Home Buying Trends

March 01, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed so many things, including home buying trends in the real estate market. Everything from working from home to in-home, virtual learning has influenced what home buyers look for in a new house—more space, more rooms, bigger backyards, you name it. Just think about the types of things you’re probably looking for in a new home and we’re sure they’re numerous.

Today, we’re listing out the top four changes we’re seeing in home buying trends, and these trends are across the board!


Upsizing To A New House

With home learning for kids being mandatory and adults working from home, a lot of upsizing has been happening this past year. Everyone needs their own workspace, so more rooms and bigger rooms have become a priority. A lot of us need some space for privacy and, we hate to say this, to just get away from loved ones who we’re seeing constantly throughout the day.


Working From A Home Office

Sitting on the couch day in and day out is not doing your job or your posture justice. Whether you’re on the phone all day or zoom meetings, a space dedicated to being productive has become a necessity for a lot of households. Less noise, more space for organization, and an atmosphere that you can control and find focus in. With kids being in and out of school, it’s tough to get away from all the screaming and yelling, but having an office, with a door you can lock hopefully, helps keep you as productive as possible.


Having A Backyard Oasis

Even before the pandemic, beautiful backyards were highly sought after. Travelling has been restricted this past year, so it should go without saying that a lot of buyers have made a pool a priority. You have to keep the kids busy and enjoy your summer somehow, so why not have a mini-resort in your very own backyard? The only sad part is you can’t throw the parties you used in it, but chin up, the pandemic won’t last forever.


Cooking In High-End Kitchens

With restaurants closed, a lot of people have been working on their cooking skills and noticing that their kitchens aren’t cutting it anymore. More counter space, more cupboard space, just more space! Cooking should be fun and not having enough space or the right setup could kill the enjoyment of making a meal. Built-in high-end appliances are all in high demand right now, but having the space to fit them into your kitchen needs to exist.

Take a look around your home and thinking of the trendy things you would like to have. Is the house fitting your family’s current needs? If the answer is no, give us a call today. We’d love to help you find your dream home.




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