The Golfi Team’s Philosophy: Key to Success

January 19, 2022

RE/MAX Escarpment Golfi Realty Inc., Brokerage won the Reader’s Choice Diamond Award for Best Real Estate Office in May 2021. Not only was the Golfi Team the recipient of this prestigious award, Rob Golfi also secured the Gold Award for Best Real Estate Agent. The key to their success stems from the Golfi Team’s philosophy that Golfi implements in the office. Without a doubt, being a father of four has significantly inspired Golfi’s close knit office environment. His emphasis on growth and collaboration is why the Golfi Team is a standout in the industry.

Nevertheless, Golfi is a family man in and out of the office. The connected company culture reflects the values and morals of Rob Golfi.   Specifically, Golfi always strives to improve team cohesiveness. Case in point: last January, Phil Golfi came up with the idea of the Golfi Belt, similar to an MMA Champion Belt. Any member of the team is able to receive the belt. It is up to the discretion of the belt holder to choose the winner for the following week.

To kick off the start to a new week, the Golfi team has a virtual meeting to highlight recent success and discuss their goals. At the beginning of the meeting, they announce and recognize the recipient of the belt. The belt is given to a member of the team who shows exceptional work ethic, achieved a big accomplishment, or has done an overall standout job. “Starting every week with a positive accomplishment really sets the tone for the team,” says Golfi. “It’s important to recognize the hard work and dedication that is put in daily” he says.  “Showcasing one of our many exceptional team members and their outstanding work at each meeting has brought our team closer”. The Golfi Team’s philosophy shows appreciation and encourages motivation.

The pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to everyone, including the Golfi Team. As the market skyrocketed, the pandemic presented various obstacles both internally and externally. COVID-19 has disheveled how leaders interact with employees and how coworkers connect with one another. The importance of company culture has increased more than ever. Luckily, Golfi  devotes his professional life to social good and strives to implement his values within the office walls. Certainly, it is the product of Golfi’s emphasis on growth and collaboration in the workplace that brought in 90 new employees since January 2020.  90 individuals found their home with the Golfi Team during the unpredictability of COVID-19. All were welcome with an unmatched workplace environment, and the necessary tools to be successful.


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