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April 10, 2020

Sam Migliaccio Mobile Mortgage Planner My name is Sam Migliaccio and I am a Mobile Mortgage Planner. I have been in the Mortgage finance business for over 10 years. I am young, energetic and eager to put my strong skill set to work for you.

At the Golfi Team, my #1 priority is to answer the needs of the communities I serve. With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I can assure my clients that I am 100% prepared to help them meet their mortgage goals in this challenging time. Many people are either caught in between real estate transactions or due to unforeseen circumstances are forced to buy or sell now. I can help. I am Open for Safe Mortgage Business throughout Hamilton, Halton and Niagara Region. I am a virtual and mobile mortgage specialist and I can help clients with their mortgage needs from the safety and comfort of their home. The health and safety of my clients, my family, my community and The Golfi Team remains my commitment through these difficult times.

As a member of the Mortgage Architects team, I am privileged to have access to several financial institutions, which will enable me to service and meet your needs. I look forward to the opportunity of earning your business.

I know Mortgages. I partner with lenders who share my beliefs that applying for a mortgage or financing should be fast, simple, and secure. I can build you a better mortgage.

What you can expect from me

  • Fast Mortgage Pre-approvals
  • 40+ Lenders I have access to
  • 98% of my clients would recommend me. Ask me for a referral.

Mortgage Services Provided

1. Mortgage Refinancing

Get out of a high rate mortgage, or unlock some of your home equity for debt consolidation or other important need. Use the money in your home to pay off high interest debts and be mortgage-free quicker. We shop for the best mortgage option at no charge to you. Fill out the form below today for full details and a FAST mortgage pre-approval!

Refinance up to 80% of your home’s value quickly and easily to pay off high-interest credit card debt that has caused your cash flow to slow to a trickle. Worried about penalties? Don’t think it can make much difference? Think again. By using your home equity to consolidate your debt, you can improve monthly cash flow, have one easy payment, and be mortgage-free quicker.

2. First Time Home Buyers

There are many things to think about when buying your first home. Professional mortgage advice is a great place to start. Thinking about buying your first property?

Tired of passing your hard-earned rent over to your landlord? Maybe you’ve built up some savings and have a down payment for your own property. No matter what your situation is, I help simplify the buying process and worry about all the financing details so you can get down to finding just the right property as fast as possible with the help of a professional Golfi Team Realtor. I am here to help you beat the banks … fill out the form today to get started!

Make sure you get pre approved first and lock in your rate!

Each mortgage application is different and I will help you figure out the numbers so you can stay focused on shopping for properties within your approved price range. You and your Golfi Team real estate agent will know exactly how much you can comfortably afford along with the assurance of a locked in rate – all at no cost to you. We are a complete one stop shop for all your Real Estate needs!

We shop for the best mortgage option at no charge to you and then one of our professional realtors will help you find the home of your dreams. Fill out the form below for a free quote!

3. Mortgage Renewals

You can renegotiate everything pertaining to your mortgage. It’s also a great time to save money! Most homeowners stay with their existing mortgage lender because they believe it is too time consuming to get a better mortgage rate.

If your mortgage renewal is fast approaching, then now is a great time to look at the many excellent options and competitive rates available. Lenders send out renewal forms just prior to renewal dates to those with good payment histories, with about 70% of homeowners sending it back without asking any questions! In today’s hectic world, that can be the easiest and best route, but you should ask yourself some questions before you sign on the dotted line. This is an important moment of opportunity. This is where an independent mortgage professional like me can help offer advice and options to help you get ahead!

Maybe your mortgage needs have changed. This is the time to decide. For example, you may want to consolidate high interest debt in with your mortgage or you may want to tap some of your home equity for a renovation project? Or maybe you are reconsidering a cottage or vacation property. Are you confident you will get the best rate at renewal?

Having multiple lenders compete for your business is a great way to ensure you get the best rate for your situation. I deal with multiple lending institutions, including major banks, credit unions, trusts and other national and regional lenders, which means significant negotiating power behind finding the best mortgage to fit your specific situation.

I shop for the best mortgage option at no charge to you. Fill out the form below for a free quote!

~~Sam Migliaccio, AMP

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