Rob Golfi candidly talks about his past life experiences that are helping him overcome COVID-19 small business challenges

April 12, 2020

This video log is the first of a series | VLOG #001.
When I was 20 years old I wanted to buy real estate and I formed a group of people. The thing was when you’re 20 years old you have no fear. I think if you know too much it hurts you. So when I was young I just thought okay…I’ll buy real estate that’s what everybody’s doing. That’s how everybody is getting rich. Then I sold everything before the early nineties when market crashed. It was like I read the crystal ball and everybody said why are you selling all your investments? I wanted to go in a different direction I want to go I want to open up a company. I wanted to cash in on everything and so at 23 or 24 years old, I had my house paid for I had two cars paid for in my driveway plus I had about 250 thousand dollars in the bank. It was not bad for a young guy so I opened up my own company. All that money — in the early 90s we had the recession and I opened up my company right in the heart of the recession. That was a long recession and I lost all
my all the money that I made you. And I’ll tell you –that early nineties recession was tough I was really young at the time. I can handle it but still I had to face a lot of things that I didn’t want to face. Now that was kind of like a like a test run for what I’m experiencing right now with this Covid-19 pandemic. Back then when there were problems, I didn’t know how to react fast to it. I reacted fast with this pandemic like you would not believe I say okay this is what you got to do this—this—this and this and and I jumped on it and worked on it fast and it’s definitely helped quite a bit. What I’m doing now today I could have given up. If I gave up I would have probably regretted it and I didn’t want to regret it. I’m in the battle right now
just like any other small business owner and everybody else that’s out there so we’re all we’re all in it
together. This is one big pool that we’re in and we got to work it out long as we have our health and hopefully we do have our health we don’t get this virus. We’ll
survive this and we’ll go on and that’s the way life is gonna be


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