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Leasing a property can be a challenging task, whether you are a new or experienced Landlord. However, with our help, you can successfully lease your property and maximize your rental income. Here’s how our dedicated team of leasing specialists will help you lease your property to the right tenant and for maximum profit.

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Why Choose The Golfi Team?

Set the right rental price based on expert insight on current market trends

Setting the right rental price is crucial for attracting potential tenants. We will help you choose the right price based on the current market trends. Setting the price too high can lead to lost income with an empty unit. Setting the price too low can attract the wrong tenant and limits your future income. We’ll help you choose the right price.

Advertise your rental property effectively with our expert marketing strategies and attract high-quality tenants

In today’s digital age, it’s essential to have an online presence. And we have that! Nobody can beat our marketing and we want to put it to work for you. We provide high-quality photos for our rental listings and our marketing will put these listings in front of the eyes of more tenant candidates. We will respond to inquires quickly to increase the likelihood of securing a great tenant.

Extensive tenant screening process to ensure reliable and responsible tenants

Choosing the right tenant is essential for landlords to ensure a smooth and profitable rental experience. We help you verify potential tenants’ identity, income, credit history, and rental history. By screening potential tenants thoroughly, you minimize the risk of renting your property to tenants who may cause damage or not pay their rent on time.

Navigate complex property rental legistlation with the guidance of our experienced leasing specialists

Landlords have a responsibility to ensure that their tenant selection process is fair and complies with human rights laws to avoid discrimination and potential legal issues. We will guide you to ensure that your tenant selection process is based on objective criteria that does not discriminate against any protected group.

Streamlined processes for rental paperwork and deposits

Once we have the right tenant, we’ll make sure that the paperwork is completed properly. We’ll hold the deposit in our trust account and once the tenant has moved in, we’ll release the balance of the funds to you. You don’t have to pay up front!

How to List Your Rental Property with Us

  1. Initial consultation and property evaluation
  2. Professional property listing creation, including captivating descriptions and high-quality photos
  3. Targeted marketing and promotion across various channels
  4. Tenant screening and selection process
  5. Lease agreement preparation and documentation support
  6. Ongoing support and communication throughout the tenancy

Ready to Find Great Tenants for Your Property?

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Why You Should Use an Experienced Real Estate Agent For Rentals Near Hamilton

Can you take care of listing, showing, and managing your rental property on your own? Absolutely. But do you want to? The Golfi Team rental agents have the knowledge, time, and experience necessary to ensure your property rental experience is positive and profitable. We know Hamilton and the surrounding areas, and are here to help you get your property rented to the best tenants. Using a real estate agent for rentals saves you time and frustration, and offers a variety advantages:

Access to Listings: We have access to a broader range of homes for rent in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Our agents can provide options that aren’t easily found through online searches, potentially giving renters more choices, making them more likely to contact one agent for assistance over personally contacting each individual property owner separately.

Market Knowledge: Our agents have their fingers on the pulse of the local rental market. We can offer insights into neighborhood trends, rental prices, local landlord/tenant regulations, and the availability of properties that might not be publicly advertised.

Time-Saving: Listing property rentals is time-consuming, and can get frustrating fast. From marketing to leases and more, our agents streamline the process by taking care of the details for you, saving you from the hours it takes to get your property listed and rented out.

Negotiation Skills: Our agents can negotiate terms on your behalf, potentially securing better rental rates or more favorable lease terms. They understand the market value and can advocate for your interests as a property owner while adhering to local laws and regulations.

Legal Expertise: Lease agreements can be complex. A real estate agent understands the legal jargon and can ensure that the lease terms are fair and protect your interests and investments.

Guidance and Advice: Our experienced rental agents offer guidance throughout the rental process, answering questions and providing advice on pricing, lease terms, and the rental market in general.

Facilitating the Process: We handle the paperwork, coordinate property viewings, and facilitate communication between you and your tenants, simplifying the entire rental process.

Professional Networks: Our rental agents have massive networks that include other professionals, such as property managers, maintenance services, and legal counsel. They can recommend reliable services for anything you may need.

Ongoing Support: Even after you’ve signed the lease, we're happy to be a valuable resource for you. We are here to assist with issues that may arise, and help with things like lease renewals.

While it's not mandatory to use an agent for rentals, our expertise, resources, and support help make the rental process smoother and more efficient, saving you time, money, and energy. Let us help you get your Hamilton properties listed and rented out today!

What A Happy Client Says About the Golfi Rental Team in Hamilton on Google

Justin was dependable, dedicated and excellent to work with. He promptly actioned all of our questions and concerns. His personable attitude and professional approach made us very comfortable during the whole process of renting our property. We will definitely use his service next time and highly recommend him to any one looking for the right agent for rental process.
Hilary F.

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