Joel Christie

Joel has called Hamilton home all his life! He grew up in the east end and still calls the Rosedale nieghbourhood home with his wife and their small pomeranian. Joel enjoys sunny vacations, long road trips, live music and spending time with his family.

He graduated from Delta High and Humber College where he studied Media and Broadcasting. After a 25 year career on local radio he was looking for a new adventure. It’s the challenges and rewards of helping people buy and sell property that motivate Joel. He knows home buying/selling can be very stressful, but with his expertise and experience he’ll take that on and make it as easy as possible. Over the past decade Joel has used his experiences in relationship building, to understanding a clients wants and needs and then delivering exceptional service.

Q: What is your favorite sport team?
A: The Toronto Maple Leafs, why you ask. Because this year will be their year and if not, well there’s always next year!!!

Q: What really makes you laugh?
A: I love comedy. Movies, TV, standup. It doesn’t matter, but the sillier the better. Remember the movie “Airplane”, the jokes flew faster than the plane!!!

Q: What is your most favorite space in your home?
A: I really enjoy relaxing in our recreation room, especially in the winter. With the fireplace on it’s a great place to curl up and watch a movie and not worry about how much snow might be falling outside.

Q: If you could learn one thing that you don’t already know, what would that be?
A: I would like to learn a second language.

Q: What is your ideal morning routine?
A: Start off with a cup of coffee, check the scores and news on line, have a hearty breakfast and lace up my running shoes and head out for a nice walk to start the day.

Media and Broadcasting at Humber College


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