Candace Popivanov

Candace exemplifies energy, integrity, diligence and a true passion for all things home & real estate. A life-long resident of the area, Candace knows the Niagara Region is an amazing place to work, play and live. Inspired by the many pleasures of the area, Candace spends her spare time trail hiking, taking in a show or concert, playing at local beaches, outdoor ice-skating and of course, enjoying a good date night with her husband at a fabulous Niagara winery, distillery or restaurant. Educated in Marketing at Brock University and Fund Development at Niagara College, Candace enjoyed a successful career in corporate fund development in the charitable sector prior to launching her flourishing real estate career. Trained in sales from some of the best in in the local industry, Candace and has a high-level commitment to staying current in real estate education and culture. Her love and knowledge of homes and properties coupled with her invaluable listening, negotiation and problem-solving skills makes her a trusted resource in an ever-evolving market. Making each client her top professional priority, Candace is driven to provide exceptional service to achieve desired results. Motivated by her belief that every person deserves nutritious food and affordable housing, Candace contributes 10% of each commission she earns to charities committed to battling hunger and homelessness. Want to live the good life? Candace is excited to take you there. Service Areas: Stoney Creek, Burlington, Grimsby, Lincoln, Beamsville, Welland,St. Catharines, Port Colborne, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fort Erie, Fonthill and West Lincoln

Q: What or who has been the biggest influence in your life?
A: It's a three-way tie! My Mom influenced me in the ways of being a strong yet sensitive and caring woman. My husband, the consummate salesmen, is so passionate about sales and client satisfaction in his own industry it's contagious and I'm thankful to share life, encouragement and aspirations with him. Our kids are the very best examples of unconditional love and constant energy, they inspire me to always be and give my best.

Q: Where is your favorite place to travel to and why?
A: Europe! One trip at a time our family is exploring the culture and history of Europe. So far, we've experienced the intense beauty and kind folks of Bulgaria and the lovely seaside of Greece¦ we can't wait for our next trip!

Q: What really makes you laugh?
A: The adventure stories my kids make up.

Q: What are 5 words that people use to describe you?
A: Creative. Detailed. Kind. Clean-Freak. Fun.

Q: Why the Golfi Team?
A: I know the true value of commitment, collaboration and a unified approach to achieving success for every client. The Golfi Team provides the ultimate support system so I can take each client from real estate ambition to reality!

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