Niagara Home Prices continue to Rise. Sept 20, 2019.

October 10, 2019
Golfi Gets it Sold in Hamilton, Halton and Niagara

A Conversation with Rob Golfi about the rise in the Niagara Real Estate Market

A topic constantly talked about lately is the price of a home, According to stats from the Canadian Real Estate Association home prices in Niagara have jumped higher than most markets in the country. Though people from around the area are still coming to Niagara to buy houses, Rob is asked “What is it about prices here in Niagara that have seen them shot up so exponentially?” Which Rob quickly answers how People from the GTA and Hamilton are looking to buy in Niagara and finding great value and jumping on it. This is what is causing more searches and the growing prices. There’s still good value and Rob believes the market will continue to grow for years to come. Someone said it’s a classic case of drive until you can qualify, Which means you get in your car and drive as far away from Toronto until you can find somewhere where you can afford to buy a home, And Niagara just happens to be that spot right now.  Rob agrees that eventually they’re going to have to expand the Highway and the go bus/train routes to make commuting to Toronto a whole lot easier, large groups of young millennials don’t mind buying now and waiting for these transport services to be available. They can deal with the drive until the go bus is set up. These buyers then start looking to work locally, instead of commuting everyday so that they can work closer to home. Rob talks about how the average price for a home in almost every market continues to double every ten or so years. In 2009 the average price for a home in Niagara was $214,000, since then as of 2019 they have jumped to $453,000. This is a massive jump in a market that is continuing to grow.


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