Just bought a home with odours? Now What!

January 21, 2015

You’ve found the perfect new home for your family but there are some real problems with the house. The previous owners smoked cigarettes in the home, or had pets that left a bad smell, or worse, had cats that didn’t use the litter box, or left strong cooking odours behind.

Or perhaps even worse than all of those issues, mould was found in the home when you were doing the home inspection.

Or, you are about to put your home on the market. Your Realtor is telling you that unless you clean up some of these issues, you will lose between 10%-20% of the property’s value and it will take much longer to sell. What do you do?

Up until now your options were very limited and there was very little possibility of a permanent solution.

Recently, David Puddy from BioSweep Canada, came into my office and explained to me what BioSweep can do to help out in these situations. They have an environmentally ‘green’ treatment process that completely eradicates surface and air quality contamination. So any organic odour that is in a home can be removed through BioSweep’s treatment. The treatment can take as little as 6-10 hours and is completely environmentally safe. You don’t need to remove the contents of the home or typically do a whole lot of preparation work, depending on the severity of the issue.

David first came across BioSweep when he was a Realtor and had a listing that had many issues. The home had been heavily smoked in for over 10 years, had cats that had been allowed to run loose, and unfortunately, the owner had passed away in the home. It had a very major odour problem and sold for well below market value.

The new owner planned to go in and remove all of the drywall, replace the ceilings and some of the flooring, and expected to have to replace all of the insulation as well. It would have taken him months of working every evening and weekend, and cost him tens of thousands of dollars in materials alone. David introduced him to BioSweep’s services and as he had nothing to lose, the owner decided to give it a try.

While the owner was at work one day, BioSweep went in and treated the house for 7 hours. The owner came home about 5:30 and found, in his words, that the house was ‘completely neutral’. He did not need to do any of the planned renovations. All he had to do was wash the surfaces with TSP, put a good primer on the walls, and paint! Now, over a year later, none of the original odours have returned and the owners saved close to $30,000 worth of repairs and got to enjoy their new home, instead of spending months making it liveable.

This result is typical and is fully guaranteed to the clients satisfaction.

The treatment process is called Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation and it is a 5 step unparalleled process. It is an environmentally friendly and safe system

Other benefits for people using BioSweep’s services would be

1)   Families that have members that have allergies or sensitivity to mould. Some clients have them come in once a year to make sure that the home is safe for their children with ‘environmental’ challenges.
2)   They can also go into a new home and remove the ‘new home’ smell that is caused by VOC’s in the carpeting, wood glue, and varnishes that may cause problems for family members.
3)   Eradication of mould in attics, bathrooms, basements, etc. – the source of the problem must be solved so that it doesn’t re-occur
4)   Clean up of grow houses and meth labs including the procurement of final air quality tests to satisfy health standards
Now it’s nice to know that now there is a great option, whether you want to sell your property for the highest possible value, or if you have found the perfect home for your family that has ‘odour’ issues.

You can contact BioSweep Canada by calling the Golfi Team Office or directly at or 1-888-426-1470 x 41 or visit the website at


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