Is Hamilton Real Estate Over valued? Find out what Rob Golfi has to say!

April 28, 2016
















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The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CHMC) is saying that a majority of Canada’s largest markets are showing moderate to strong evidence of being overvalued. Should we be concerned? Are we still getting multiple offers on properties? What is driving this crazy Hamilton and area Real Estate market that we are experiencing? In a live interview with Bill Kelly from 900 CHML, Hamilton Ontario’s favorite station for up-to-date news and information, Rob Golfi talks candidly with Bill Kelly about what is actually happening in Hamilton and Area Real Estate. Toronto buyers are coming in by the droves and selling their Toronto homes for homes in Hamilton that are more affordable for them. Toronto is expensive and people are looking to live better. Millennials make up a big part of the market especially in the condo market and this group of buyers continues to grow as they look for a more affordable lifestyle alternative to Toronto. Even the ‘Ugly Ducklings’ – homes that wouldn’t sell before – are now selling for top dollar. This real estate boom is not just affecting Hamilton, Ontario but has far reaching affects right down to the Niagara Region and including Fort Erie. Is over-building a factor? What is the best way to get the home you want given the type of competition out there? How do buyers feel about competing in a bidding war and how can they avoid it? If a buyer asks for a Home Inspection, does it reduce his chance of getting the home? What are the risks of putting in a cash offer in this fast paced market? Listen below to get the answers to these questions and more!



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