How to Move with Less Stress

January 21, 2015

The death of a loved one or a nasty marital split are bound to rank as some of life’s most heartbreaking and stressful times. But believe it or not, moving from one home to another is also classed high on the anxiety Richter scale.

It’s not uncommon for young and old to experience feelings of irritability, increased anxiety, sleeping troubles and tension headaches before and after a move.

If you’re the anxious type who doesn’t enjoy change know that there are options out there to help make the transition a bit easier. Let’s look at the ways we can reduce stress on the next big move:

Find the right realtor – Look for a professional who sells real estate on a full-time basis and one who knows your neighbourhood well. Make sure your realtor is tech savvy and is using all the latest tech tools. You’ll want them to be experts on Twitter and other social media sites in addition to using a website to sell your house. Get recommendations from family members and friends and look for agents whose names are repeatedly on for sale signs in your area. They obviously have some sales clout.

Declutter – Clearing your house of too much stuff not only makes your property more attractive to a potential buyer, it also frees your mind as you make way for the thinking, planning and calculating that goes into setting your sights on a new home and/or neighbourhood. Living in a house that is loaded with bits and pieces of junk you might one day use only adds to your mental stress. Let it go. If you can’t do that consider using your mother’s crawl space or renting a storage facility to store the stuff till after you’ve moved.

Wrap your house in a bow – Hire a gardener if your place looks like a jungle. Trim back hedges and bushes. Pull weeds, clean walkways and driveways and store away bicycles and toys. Touch up chipped or blistered paint on fences, trim and posts. Remember the outdoor impression of your house draws potential buyers inside.

Party less, go out more – This might sound a bit odd, but it’s not if you think about it. Having guests invites mess so slow down on the dinner parties and go out more with your family. This is especially handy on weekends when buyers have more time to view houses. Dining out can add up so find cool family fun that’s cheap or free. Plan a visit to the museum, the park or try bowling. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start a new tradition in your household.


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