100th Podcast of The Hamilton Real Estate Show – How not to lose a deal! Mar 24 2018

March 27, 2018

Congratulations are due for the Golfi Team! This week’s episode of the “Hamilton real estate show” is significant because today marks the 100thepisode on 900 CHML. Rob and Phil recall their past leading up to the 100th show and what this milestone means for them.


The 100th podcast starts off with Rob recalling his recent experience recording a commercial in New York City. This was his fourth time collaborating with marketing mogul Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank. Phil shares a funny story of his own about a couple of fans and their feedback on the father-son podcast.

The city of Ancaster is the topic of discussion this week. Rob and Phil talk about house prices in Ancaster and how buyers and sellers are reacting. Small houses are now asking for big money with the constant rise in the Ancaster market. This continual rise in prices is leading to the question- is Hamilton becoming “unaffordable”? Rob and Phil explain which demographic of buyers get hit the most with these fluctuations and why.

Credit Unions are now at a huge advantage over the big banks and it’s because of a reason nobody is talking about. The Golfi Team references the new “stress test” their clients now have to pass while applying for a mortgage with the big banks. What does this mean for home buyers and is there another solution?

Rob and Phil share their thoughts on social media and the advantages to using the internet to promote their business. A social media giant is creating a new platform for buyers and sellers to seek new homes. Find out which mega company is taking the next step towards real estate.

There is never a dull day in real estate. Buyers and sellers work with their real estate agents every day to get deals done. It is the agent’s job to negotiate and close on terms that both parties agree to. Is there more to it than just finding the right home for the right price? The father-son combo ends their 100th podcast with some laughs as they share their best stories regarding negotiations on a deal.


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