Guiding Niagara buyers and sellers through a post COVID Real Estate Market

May 24, 2020

Good morning Niagara. This is Rob Golfi with Remax, The Golfi Team. Welcome to the Niagara real estate show with Tim Dennis and Phil Golfi.
Good morning, gentlemen. Welcome back. It’s been another eventful week across the country and real estate of course, continues to evolve. Hope you guys have had a, a fairly busy week.
I’m wishing that for everybody these days and busy week for you. Phil.
Yeah, it’s been busy. It’s it feels good to get back into the swing of things, but the market is definitely picking up. So we feel it here. Our phones are ringing off the hook. There’s a lot of people that are setting themselves up, whether it’s right now or, or in the very near future to make a real estate move.
It’s a lot of people that are just information hunting. They want to know what’s going on with the market, how to deal with the current, you know, a lot of people don’t know if we, are we able to show properties in person? How are the showings happening? So there’s still a lot of people that are trying to get that information or access to that information to understand how we are still operating and doing business.
But the market is picking up. We feel like our spring market will be long into the summer, and, it’s about gearing up here and getting ready to get busy.
Rob, so the phones are definitely busier than they have been recently.
Absolutely. We actually got our front desk guy, which he started as a co op student and then worked full time for us. He is right now… we called him back starting next week. He’s going to be working a full day and answering calls and everything at our office. And so things are starting to pick up and it’s really good.
He came the last two weeks, he was working for three hours. He’d come in from nine in the morning till noon, just to alleviate the heavy calls that were coming in and I still have some administration girls that are working from home. So the girls at home were saying that, after 12 o’clock, the calls were getting heavy.
So now we’ve brought them into full time to work at the front desk to answer the calls so that we can give that good service that we always give with with people that are calling us.
So are those calls that are coming in asking about deals that were already in the works or are people like a lot of other businesses kind of poking their head out the door and kicking tires and doing those kinds of things?
Yeah, we got buyers calling us. We got people that want to sell their homes, and we are guiding them in the right direction and how to do it and, and giving them everything. But yeah, and in all realtors are calling us wanting to know about different properties.
So we’ve got a lot of traffic of calls coming in and we want to make sure we were able to handle it.
We talked a few weeks ago about the changing face of real estate, like every other business is having to undergo massive changes. And we talked about the virtual tours and the live streams. I and we talked about how good they are, but are people actually seeing them. Are they, are they working for you? Are they becoming popular?
Yeah, definitely. One of, one of the things that we were able to be successful with them was we already had a massive social following. Anybody who’s been on any of our social platforms or social feeds. We often have contests,, access to information, things of that nature that create a ton of engagement.
And, and people were even prior to the pandemic were already coming to our pages. So because we had that platform built up, we were able to use it…. to be able to support each and every single one of our listings on that platform. I believe organically, we have, between Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram over 20,000 followers.
And those are all people that are located with the Niagara Hamilton region that are coming to our Facebook page. On, on any given week, we’re reaching, you know, hundreds of thousands of people organically, meaning that we’re not paying for posts or sponsored posts, but, but organically, and we’re able to reach out to these people.
To these people just using our social platform where the option of going through an open house on Sunday wasn’t there or a physical, in-person viewing at the beginning of the pandemic wasn’t there. We were to rely on our platforms to be able to expose our new listings and expose our open houses.
And that was a way for us to continue to facilitate real estate and continue to sell real estate through the pandemic. And in the beginning, we were just putting it out there. But now we’ve developed and we’ve, pivoted in a way where now we’re doing things online.
We will go on Facebook live and YouTube live and Instagram live and, and walk through houses and showcase our listing. So we’ve really fully developed into a full media video company here to showcase our listings and we’re giving that viewer or the buyer or the potential prospective buyer a way better experience as they’re able to look at each home and access each home from the comfort of their own house without having to drive around.
You know, for example, we have a ton of buyers that come down into the Niagara region every single day to look at real estate. We’re saving them the trip of having to come all the way down, drive down the QEW, and we’re going through four or five, six homes with them via Face Time or a zoom call.
And, and we’re able to narrow down their home search and, and be way more effective in looking at homes. And this is something that is becoming increasingly popular. And I mean, we talk about it now because we’re still in the middle of the pandemic and we still have those social distancing rules in place.
And there are still people that are not comfortable with going out in public. So. With that being said, I believe the things that I just mentioned highlighted will be here to stay. This will be the new norm of buying and selling real estate.
That’s what I wanted to ask him.
Whether, you know, we always talk about the way things are changing right now, but might go back to the way they were beforehand. Rob, do you see this as enough of a hit with people that that’s the way they’re going to start there? Look at homes in the future. They’re going to look virtually before they, they go out for a drive.
Absolutely. This is, and the thing about this COVID… it has helped us to create the habit of doing this. So we’re in the habit of doing online streaming, open houses and doing all these virtual tours.
But in the future. You’re going to find that more and more people are going to expect to see listings that have, 3 D dimensional tours on it. Otherwise they’re going to bypass it.
Well, the consumer is just going to pass because they want to see more. Right. They’ll see pictures. But they want to see even more than that. They want to walk through the house virtually. And that’s what’s gonna be in the future for sure.
And that’s gonna stay, it’ll stay there for forever after.
Are you
noticing a difference in people’s appetite for the, the 3D tour as opposed to just a house that has 45 pictures, you know, the old fashioned pictures, or is there a real appetite for that three D tour now?
Yeah, definitely.
The purchaser expects it. And so does the seller. There’s a lot of people that will call us and you know, they’ll immediately ask for the virtual tour or they’ll immediately ask for the Matterport tour. And this is something we adapted to because we understood that there was the need and the expectation there from the buyer.
To have those available to them when they’re looking. So we’re able to say, Hey, you know, what’s your email? We’ll send it over to you right now. And that way we’re already engaging in a conversation. Whereas the realtors that aren’t doing that well, listen, you just lost a prospective buyer for a property that you’re selling because you didn’t adapt and didn’t do these virtual or 3d tours.
That’s something that we’re doing. So definitely the demand is there, but not only is it there from the seller, but it’s there from the buyer. It’s something that the buyer expects and demands in today’s market. And that’s something that, you know, as a real estate service, it’s helped us be successful in engaging different people and helping each and every single one of our buyers.
In the end, it comes down to face to face. Eventually somebody’s going to want to go through the house, as the restrictions that are being eased across the province. Are they helping you? Are people feeling a little bit more secure and safe in saying, yeah, I’d like to meet up and I’d like to go through the house, Rob?
Yeah absolutely. They they’ve done their homework extensively people are kind of, you know immune to what we’re in right now. And they’re being a little bit more relaxed. But we have all the precautions of walking through houses with the gloves, the masks, and and the disinfectant.
So we have everything. So when we’re walking through, we’re being very cautious and careful, even with the homeowner and with each other as, as we’re walking through the house. So you’re not getting to tire kickers walking through your house. Like if you’re, if you’ve got showings on your property, those are all motivated buyers and they are looking to buy a house right now. So right now we’re getting multiple offers on a lot of homes. Tim, it’s surprising, but there are a lot of buyers and everybody’s itching out there right now. And hopefully things, you know, get more lifted by June 2nd.
And then you’re going to see the market open up more and more, and then you’re going to see, hopefully we’ll be back to a normal life.
Now that
we’ve had a few weeks to examine this, I guess it was three, four weeks ago, we were talking on the show about what people might be looking at differently when looking at a home, what their expectations were, what their wants were.
They would want more space in a backyard just in case they had to spend a lot more time at home. Are you now finding what it is that people are looking for? Are they saying to you what I want? I want an extra bedroom that I can turn into an office. I want. I want a bigger, bigger floor plan for the rec room.
Those kinds of things. What are you finding, Phil?
Yeah, in the immediate now. Backyard pools are going to be a hit the summer. Think about how many events, how many festivals, how many concerts, how many sporting events that have been canceled, where people’s weekends are just going to be completely freed up, completely wide open.
And there’s not going to be a whole lot of events to get people out of the house this summer, and there’s going to be a lot of people entertaining a lot of people having backyard parties, having backyard barbecues, things of that nature. So in the immediate. Now people with a backyard pool or cottage, something that, that they’re able to escape to is going to be extremely popular this summer.
So that, that’s more so immediate. In the short to longer term, we’re going to find that people are going to want the at-home gyms whether it’s a room to put their Peloton in or a small weight set or things of that nature, a finished basement with, you know, something like that. That we expect to get the calls for people to start to look at.
With that being said, we, we feel like workspaces are going to be popular. The big houses with the den in the front, the front of the house that can be converted into an office space or something like that. It’s going to be very popular. People are going to want at home workspaces.
This is going to completely change the way we live. Our lives. Completely change the way we do business. And those needs of what people want and the way they live are going to trickle down into to client, you know, expectations and how people want to buy their next house. And that’s, that’s definitely one thing.
This has changed a lot of people’s real estate needs. If somebody was interested in downsizing what we feel like that’s going to happen a lot sooner, we feel like …that people, anybody who was uncomfortable in their home during this pandemic will have considered moving in the next one to two years to to, to find a better house.
It’s also another reason why having a real estate agent working for you is that much more important in this day and age. Because you know now what they’re looking for. You can filter through the homes that have exactly what that buyer wants, rather than having them going through one by one, by one of people selling it by themselves.
Right. Rob?
Oh, absolutely. Phil, just the other day, a property came up for sale on, a street, and within minutes he called his client and said, listen, this house just came up. So it came up at 12 o’clock by 3:00, we were showing it and we had an offer on it and accepted.
That’s how fast you have to move into this market, and then, and chances are that the person would not have seen that house on the system until the next day, or day and a half. So that’s the benefit of working with a realtor that we can, we can react to information quickly as we get it, and we’ll call and then we get a hold of you to let you know that, Hey, this is, this is a good deal for you.
You better jump on it. And and we did. We won one for our clients. And they’re really happy that they got the house.
Those are the kinds of things that a real estate agent can bring to you. And of course you can get those questions answered by calling the Golfi Team at (905) 397-8386 or go online at and you can find them all over social media.
But get your questions answered. They’re there for you. The Niagara Real Estate Show takes a pause and we will be back with segment two. Welcome back. It’s the Niagara real estate show for this week, Tim Dennis here, but more importantly, Rob Golfi and Phil Golfi from The Golfi Team are here to specifically address all of the real estate needs for the Niagara region to answer your questions, all of those kinds of things.
Now, we were just talking about the changing needs, the different things that people are looking for. What about, and this question comes up every week because the number one thing on people’s minds, what about the price? If you’re a seller, you want to know whether you’re still gonna get the price that you’re asking.
If you’re a buyer, you want to know whether now is the time to get into it. How are the prices holding up the whereabouts now? We are close to 11 weeks into this thing. How are the prices holding up across the Niagara region?
The prices are still strong there. They’re appreciating at a moderate pace right now.
And the reason for that is due to the lack of inventory, we’re still getting multiple offers, situations. We’re still getting… we’re still setting neighborhood records in terms of pricing and the pricing will continue to appreciate at a moderate pace until we get a flood and fury of listings.
That’s something that we expect to happen, but we will beat the sales numbers in terms of appreciation and price year over year from last year. And, and that’s something that we’re…. that’s the information we’re giving to every single one of our clients.
And that’s the information that we’re putting out there. A lot of people are expecting this market to crash and, and a lot of people have predicted that what some experts have said. That’s what a lot of homeowners are thinking. That’s what some people are gearing up for but there’s been absolutely no sign of a market crash.
There’s been absolutely no sign of any real estate price falling or going down. Like I said before, the prices continue to appreciate. And in terms of month over month stats, I’m not sure if we have them or we’re going to go through them on this show, but, we can, we can touch base on them on the next weeks show.
And just, you know, we’ve, we’ve gone through some of the stats before, but just to show the listeners that prices will continue to appreciate. And that’s across the Niagara region. That’s from, you know, Grimsby all the way through to Fort Erie.
Let’s talk about a part of the housing.
Business across Niagara that we haven’t touched on an awful lot over the past couple of weeks, which is the rental market. Rob, how much has this whole pandemic thing changed the rental market in Ontario and in the Niagara region,
The rental market was kind of soft and stopped for a little bit, but now it’s picking back up again.
We’re getting a lot of people looking for… Their needs and wants are becoming different. Um, people are relocating and people now are not sure of what, is going to happen when it comes to their jobs. So we get a lot of people sitting on the fence.
Whether they want to upgrade or downgrade or what they want to do, but the, the rental market has picked right back up again. Just like the real estate market. It’s moving along. There are more people logging online, looking for rental properties. You’re getting a lot of young couples, you know, they want to move in together and they’re looking for a place to rent.
So definitely the rental market has picked up quite a bit just in the past three to four weeks versus end of March, 2020 and the beginning of April,
It’s funny because in the last segment, we talked about what people who are looking to buy a home are looking for things differently than they used to? Are renters looking at different things as well?
Are they looking to be closer to a, a mall, closer to a grocery store? I don’t know. Are those kinds of things coming into it.
Yeah. You hit it, bang on. Renters want and are looking to live near, closer to parks, closer to grocery stores, and closer to pedestrian friendly areas, as they highlight it.
And this is something that, these are stats right from in terms of what people are looking for and stats right from Google search engines in terms of what people are typing in and to their Google searches. So this is something that’s been highlighted. This is something that’s been brought to our attention in terms of exactly what people are looking for, and this doesn’t go, like you mentioned, this isn’t for just home purchasers.
This goes for renters as well. What we’ve seen in from my conversations with some friends that live downtown Toronto is a lot of people that live in those downtown condos have come back home. It’s very quiet, very slow down there right now where a lot of them, you know, are looking to maybe going back to their house in Brantford or back to their house in Barrie, and they’re not staying downtown Toronto anymore.
So we, we’ve seen, you know, some people that have been laid off. Well, they’re not interested in paying a $2,500 lease for a one bedroom apartment. So they’re going to move to the outskirts and find something a little bit more affordable while they collect their government checks and try and get their life back together.
And that’s something that we’ve that’s become popular. And when people are searching for that… those are definitely things that they want.
One of the things that people used to look for all the time was, you know, close to a bus route, close to a subway route if you’re in a big city right.
Not as much now. Right there, they’re looking for places they can walk or cycle.
Yeah, absolutely. They’re looking for a lifestyle now and so you’re going to see a total change. A lot of renters are going to be leaving their condos and homes and going into other ones.
Everybody’s going to be shifting. There’s going to be a huge shift. And people renting and everybody’s going to be changing their lifestyle right now. In the next 30, 60, 90 days, you’re going to see a, an abundance of people moving around.
Can you virtually tour rental properties as well as purchasing property properties?
Yeah. You know, sometimes it depends, right? I would recommend if you’re a landlord right now and you want to get the action and traction on your listing to find the best suitable renter for your property, all you need to do is just use your phone.
Every phone has a camera that records the video now and walk through the property with the camera in front of your face. And all you need to do is,,,here’s the kitchen, here’s the living room, here’s the bedroom, and here’s the bathroom, and put that online. And you will get way more engagement and way more attention on your listing and your property than any other listing that has three or four photos.
There are landlords, there are property management companies, there are real estate agents that are putting their properties up for lease and rent, that will do a virtual tour or a 3D Matterport. And it is expensive to do but it doesn’t take much to put together a video and just walk through the property.
And that’s what we’ve done. Right? Whether we’re selling a $850,000 house or, or leasing out a $1,200 apartment, we’ll walk through the property with our phone just to give viewers and potential, perspective. buyers and renters, the opportunity to view that video. Video is way more efficient than just pictures.
Video creates engagement. It has a way better feeling in terms of the perspective of the layout, different features of the home and things of that nature then pictures do. I think people that are in the market right now looking to buy or lease appreciate the fact that they have access to a video or a virtual tour and it helps them make a better decision moving forward.
But not every realtor is going to use 3 D virtual tours cause it’s very expensive. Right? We own our own Matterport and Audio and Video Equipment so it’s not as expensive for us to do it because we bought the equipment so we can do it in house. But most realtors will think twice before they do it because they have to hire it out so I think it is important.
People will look at that. I think people that are renting their properties with a realtor that has a 3 D tour will have an advantage over anybody else that doesn’t, that’s for sure.
Rob, there was a big debate here or controversy in the Niagara region over the past few days of an apartment building in Niagara Falls that had sent letters to its tenants saying that they were going to be raising rents for various reasons, for previous mismanagement and all kinds of things.
And it mentioned pandemic as well, and they were going to raise the prices 10% and it was a big debate. How, how hard hit have a lot of landlords been by this. When they’ve got buildings and they’ve got homes, how tough has it been for them, Rob?
Well, if some of the tenants aren’t paying. But what happened there was the landlord probably has got long-term tenants, and probably for a long time, he never increased the rent. And then all of a sudden he realized, Hey, I got to start increasing the rents. every year because he’s way below the market rents that he should be getting.
Yeah. So what’s happening is he needs to update this building and this building needs a lot of repairs and he can’t afford the repairs to do it with the current rents that he’s getting. So, and I think that’s why he’s a applying to increase the rent. So a lot of the people in the building, and I understand that, you know, they’re used to paying this lowering rent enjoying it…they’re going to have to pay a lot more money for rent.
So, and this COVID thing probably even hit them harder just because maybe there’s a third of the tenants in this building maybe that can’t pay the rent because they’re not working. And that’s why the government’s always trying to help people so that they can pay their bills there’s no doubt about it.
I think this landlord needs the money to update this building and in order to update it, he’s going to have to get the rents to the Niagara Falls market rents.
Even in
the best of times. Is there, is there a cap at which you have to stop increasing?
I mean, is there only so much you can put up your rent on a yearly basis.
Yeah. You could only go up as much as the consumer price index goes up, which is only like 1% to 2% to 3% a year. And it’s not much, but this is a result of a mismanagement of an asset and a mismanagement of a building.
And you know it’s caught up to him, unfortunately. But in the end, I understand both sides. I understand the side of being the renter and in paying a certain amount and you don’t want that cost to increase 25 to 30% in a single year. That’s not fair.
But what else isn’t fair is that the landlord isn’t a charity. It’s not public housing, right. He is under no obligation to give somebody a cheap rent rate if he doesn’t want to. I’m not being insensitive to renters, but that’s the reality of the situation.
And he even says it in the article. He says that if they say ‘no way’ then he’s going to turn his place into a condominium. And that’s their choice. And he’s right. Right. He’s exactly right. He can go turn it into a condominium and sell each unit and do it that way.

And the renters will be all out. So it’s the reality of the situation. I understand both sides. I understand the arguments of both sides, but in the end, I always say, you know, he’s not a charity. He has no obligation to go give somebody a cheap rate.
That’s the reality of the situation. This, obviously has made the news and has come across our desk for that reason alone.
This story doesn’t fall under the category of scams or those kinds of things. But there are some out there at the moment in the, in the Niagara region out there.
You gotta be careful with some scams out there right now that are taking advantage of this COVID situation. So what’s happening is they know people are not going to the houses. So you get a guy that sees a rental or for sale house online that’s listed by a realtor or somebody Then he’ll post his own listing using the pictures from on-line. And he’ll tell them, here’s the pictures, here’s everything, but I can’t get you through, but I need a first and last month’s rent deposit if you want the place. So these scammers are taken money from people without even walking through the house and they believe that the person that’s advertising this property is the owner or landlord.
And meanwhile he’s long gone and they’re thinking they own or they got the place to rent. So you gotta be very careful of who you’re dealing with. Make sure you’re dealing with the realtor. If it is on, double-check, do a walk-through.
Do not hand any money to anybody unless you actually do the walk-through. If this guy can’t get you through, he is not part of that listing or not the owner or landlord of that property. He should be able to get you through any advertised property.
Before you hand cash over. Yeah, be very careful.
The big thing to learn from this is don’t be afraid to ask questions, right?
Absolutely. As much as the landlord is going to do their background check on you, it’s important for you to do the year background check on that landlord. And you know if you’re showing up to the property and the landlord doesn’t even have a key to get in, that’s red flag right there, that he they might not even own the place.
So it’s important to work with somebody who’s reputable. I know there’s a lot of listings on Kijiji, and there’s a lot of different websites you can go out to get real estate listings, but reach out to a property management company or reach out to a realtor who can can put you in the right direction and make sure that you can ask the right questions.
Sometimes people are afraid to ask and go through that process with the right people.
And this is the perfect place to pause for a moment because if you do have some questions, you can get answers by calling the Golfi Team at (905) 397-8386 or ask your questions online at, They’ll have the answers for you. Or you can email
We’ve got more questions and answers coming up on the next segment of the Niagara Real Estate Show, and that’s coming up next. It’s the Niagara Real Estate Show. We’re joined by Phil Golfi and Rob Golfi. It’s the Golfi Team. You can check them out at anytime. Social media. They’re all over the place.
Instagram, Facebook, just Google, Rob Golfi or The Golfi Team and it will all come up. You know, something we haven’t talked a lot about since we began this program. And I guess there’ll be more people thinking about it as we get closer to the closer to the summertime or cottages. And I mean, there’s been a lot of debate about, obviously the border open and border closed cause a lot of cottages around, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario by Americans, and vice versa.
But what about cottages? If people are saying, if I have to stay close to home now for the foreseeable future, if I can’t go on a long trip and I’d like a cottage around here to go and spend some weekends or weeks, is there a good supply of cottages out there? Rob.
No. People that, own cottages that were probably thinking about selling them are now keeping them just because they’re their quarantine.
So this is their way of getting away. And they’ve got a cottage and it’s on a Lake. They’re going to enjoy the summer and because of that, there will be a shortage of cottages for sale. The ones that wanted to sell their cottages, they’re going to hold back now because they’re going to be stuck and they don’t want to sell because there’s nothing to do. So you might as well go to your cottage and enjoy. If you have a boat or whatever you have. You can hang out at the cottage.
So we’re finding that the cottage prices are starting to go up. So whatever ones are for sale. There, they’re starting to be more and more in demand in cottage country.
Now, is that happening with local cottages along both Lake shores or is that, are you talking about up Muskoka way and, you know, those kinds of things?
More likely, probably the Muskoka ways but for the Lake Erie cottages, its also the same thing. People are looking for an escape now. Pools are in big demand. For cottages that are for sale, he’s going to be able to demand his price to a certain degree.
And, and they’re probably gonna have a two week closing. You know people want to start enjoying life. Hanging in your backyard. A swing set for your kids. And sitting your umbrella.
Hanging out in your back yard won’t be enough for some people. People are looking for ways of enjoying their summer. And this summer is going to be very tough for all of us. You know, especially when you know that Winter comes pretty quickly in Ontario.
So we’ve only got three, four months of good weather, and we need to enjoy that as much as we can.
Is a Lake view still one of the most sought after things, even, not even necessarily taking cottages into consideration, but even in the cities, even in the towns is a water view, a Lake view still one of the most sought after things when people talk to you.
Absolutely. People, if they can afford lakefront properties along Lake Ontario. If they can afford it, it’s nice to wake up hearing the waves and sitting on the shoreline or just looking out over Toronto, depending where you are in Niagara.
From Oakville to Burlington is very nice. But the taxes are more expensive on the Lake if you can afford it. They also have to maintain their shore shoreline which can get pricey as well. You have to make sure that you know, that’s an expense that is always an ongoing one – to maintain your shoreline.
But there is a demand for people wanting to live on the water. You got Lake as your backyard.
Tell you Tim, I’m not sure if you’ve been down to the Lake lately, but we’ve been completely infiltrated by these things. I believe they’re called GNATS. They’re these little black gnats, and if you’re driving along, you can see them.
They look like a swarm of black
smoke. The black clouds along the QEW. I saw them yesterday.
It is absolutely disgusting. We do have a couple of lakefront properties, waterfront properties that are for sale and we’re in the position right now where we will not even show them. You cannot walk outside without one getting stuck in your ear and up your nose and your eyes. And I’m not even kidding. I’m not even exaggerating. I live on the Lake in Grimsby. Luckily I have underground parking. I will not go outside my condo near or around my building. We will go through this for the next two to three week period.
It started sometime this week and it’s going to end in about another week to 14 days or so. And it’s, it’s the worst part of the year to be living on the Lake. But,
but we never had this before.
No, we never had this before. Outside of these two weeks, other than these two weeks, the lakefront has a premium and it has a high demand where people want to live.
But outside of these two weeks, outside of these two weeks, anybody, anybody who lives on the waterfront who’s listening to this right now and is nodding their head and shaking their head at the fact that we have to put up with these black flies for for about two weeks to two, two to four weeks, and it’s terrible.
I mean it’s incredible how annoying and how disgusting these little bugs are.
And it’s funny because it’s not just right on the Lake because I live to about two or three blocks away from the Lake and we’re getting them too. We’re not on Lake front by any stretch of the imagination, and I’ve got them in my front yard this time of the year.
I walk
with a buddy of mine and he lives on the Lake, and now we actually drive to another location to walk because anywhere near the Lake, you’re dealing with these big. black bugs are just like all over you.
Yeah. There’s nothing you can do about it. There’s nothing you could do to spray or protect yourself.
You got to put up and shut up and wait till it’s over, and then when it’s over, you gotta go blow them off and clean up your property. But it’s quite the scene.
I haven’t asked both of you. How has the pandemic and everything that’s gone on in the last few months changed the type of people that are looking for homes?
Is it the same? Is it it’s the same age groups looking for homes, looking to buy homes, or has this altered not just the the market, but the kind of people who are looking for homes? Rob.
I think it’s the same. I really do. I think people that were looking at buying, selling are the same. Investors are still investing and buying properties.
There are still people out there with a lot of money. People want to up-size, downsize, you know, couples are getting together want to move in together. It’s the same, but a lot of them are looking at it differently. They’re looking at different things in a house that they want now. Maybe a little more room than than normally like we talked about earlier. Because of the fact that everybody’s quarantined right now. So families that are together all day need some extra space. And now that summer is coming and the weather is starting to pick up and its a lot warmer, everybody is going outside. I noticed the roads are getting a little busier. And I think cause they opened it up more.
Doug Ford opened it up more with people, with different businesses and contractors and stuff. And I am finding the Queen Elizabeth Way, especially, going Niagara bound, is picking up quite a
So people are moving around, people want to get out and they want to do something.
And right now people are at home. They’re not really spending money because everything has been closed and they couldn’t travel. So people have money in their pocket. And because they’re home so much, there’s nowhere to spend it really,
I have a neighbor down the street from me who’s just about ready to put their home up for sale.
They’d been talking about moving for the longest time and all of a sudden, I noticed this week that they’ve got out the ladders and the all the equipment to paint the house. Because he said a freshly painted house will go faster than any other kind of house. How legitimate is that or is that just because he’s bored and wants something to do?
Curb appeal is huge. The one thing that people love is if the house looks great when you’re driving up to it. That’s half the battle. You want a house that the lines are nice and straight and clean.
People like when the Eavestroughs are all bright and white… clean and sharp. That’s what people want. That will definitely bring people to come look at your house inside. That’s what drives people there. It’s curb appeal. If you, if you don’t like driving up to a house, you’re not gonna get people there.
People look at everything.

But does the color of the house matter all that much.
If you’ve painted your house or really God awful color. Is that going to send people on down the road to the next one?
Yeah, 100%. In pictures alone. Get rid of the, what do we call it? The condiment colors…. the reds, the ketchup red, the mustard yellow and the relish green.
Don’t touch those colors even for the door.
Hey, even for the door, even a red door isn’t a good thing?
You can get creative with the door. Definitely. And you know, something that would change the entire curb appeal of a property is a nice bright firemen red door or a nice yellow school bus, yellow door. We’ve seen that change the entire look of a property, but in the interior go neutral. Go with very, very soft gray or a very, very soft white and bright. People want bright. People want to walk into a house and have it feel bright. This has tremendous results on the engagement in the activity that you’ll get on your home.
Paint is the number one cheapest thing that you can do to improve the price of your property. And with that being said, don’t get uncle bill to paint your house. Don’t get uncle. Don’t let your son do it because the lines are between the wall and the ceiling. If he’s getting some on the ceiling and he’s getting some on the trim, and there’s a mistake here and a mistake there, you’re gonna end up having to repaint it because people are going gonna walk through it and it’s going to give a very negative feeling of the property. I always say there’s a lot of good painters that can paint that by themselves. I’m not saying that, but if you’re not a good painter and you’ve never done it before. Hire a professional. There’s a lot of options on Kijiji. Just type in painter. You will find somebody right away.
Hire a professional to paint your house. It goes a long way in making your house look better. If you screw up the paint job, it’s going to look terrible.
Gentlemen. If people have questions, whether they’re on text or on email or on the phone. How can they get in touch with you about what’s the best way?
Because right now the interest is still out there and people are getting out there a little bit more. So how do they get in touch with you,
Rob? They can call 905-397-8386 or at or email us at and they can contact us right way. We were easy to get a hold of you.
You can’t miss us. You can type in Golfi or Google Golfi or Rob Golfi and we’re all over social media. We’re all over Google. You can’t miss us
And you don’t have to be actively seeking. You can just get questions answered about real estate – is now the right time – what’s the market look like – those kinds of questions.
You’re there to answer those questions. Right?
Absolutely. We’ll sit down with you. No pressure, no obligation. We will sit down with you and go over any details and see what the market value of your property is in this market – in today’s market.
Gentlemen, thank you so much. Enjoy the rest of your week and we will reconvene this whole thing starting next week.
You got it. Take care Tim. Thanks
Rob Golfi, Phil Golfi and The Golfi Team. This is the Niagara real estate show. I’m Tim Dennis. See you next week.


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