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Our Guaranteed Sold Program

Confidence and Peace of Mind

Are you struggling to decide whether to hire a real estate agent or sell your home on your own? The Golfi Team understands that this is one of the biggest dilemmas when it comes to selling a home. The wrong real estate agent can put you at risk of owning two homes or none at all, or even compromise your bottom line. That's why we offer our exclusive Guaranteed Sold Program, which gives you confidence and comfort during the home-selling process.

We've spent years perfecting a highly effective marketing plan that works for any type of property, from smaller homes to luxury mansions. We're so confident in this plan that it never varies, ensuring that you get the best possible results. Our Guaranteed Sale Program eliminates the risks associated with hiring the wrong real estate agent, so you can sell your home without worrying about the consequences. Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of selling your home – choose The Golfi Team and our Guaranteed Sold Program.

What's the catch?

There's no catch. We're so confident in our team's proven process to sell your home that we back it with this guarantee. Are you wondering if our Guaranteed Sale Program is real? Look no further than The Golfi Team—the best realtors in Hamilton, Halton, Brantford and Niagara—who offer this exclusive program to give you peace of mind during the home-selling process.

Our approach to selling your home is anything but passive or traditional. We've developed a Proven Home Selling System that includes phone prospecting, social media, video, and online techniques to attract buyers and ensure a successful closing. This marketing plan has been proven to be the most effective in this type of market, thanks to years of trial and error and thousands of homes sold. We're so confident in our plan that we spend over $25,000 a month in advertising for our clients.

How does it work?

When you list your home with The Golfi Team under our Guaranteed Sold Program, you can expect a thorough on-site examination of your home, followed by a detailed market analysis that outlines the entire pricing structure before we even begin marketing your home. This means that you'll know the exact bottom line you'll receive, and you'll be able to immediately place an offer on any homes that catch your eye. And if you're not completely satisfied with our customer service or marketing efforts, we'll fix the issue within 24 hours or cancel the listing and pay nothing.

When you list your home with The Golfi Team under our Guaranteed Sold Program, you'll receive our written guarantee that we will sell, or we will buy it. We're not interested in owning your home – our goal is to sell it for the most money the market will bear. This program ensures that we have the same expectations before we start marketing your home, and that you benefit from the higher price if the market receives your home at any price higher than the guaranteed price we agree on.

What is my home worth?

So, how much is your home worth in today's market? Fill out our form for a free home evaluation or to learn more about our Guaranteed Sale Program. With The Golfi Team, you can sell your home with confidence and ease.

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