Getting Your Home Ready for Trick-or-Treaters

October 06, 2019
Happy Halloween from The Golfi Team, best hamilton realtors

Consider these few tips when getting your home ready for Trick-or-Treaters.

  1. Watch for trip hazards – Ghosts, ghouls, princesses and Superheros will undoubtedly race to your front door because of the excitement of the night. It is common that children will cut across yards and neighbors driveways to get to your front door. In the full light of day, check your lawn and driveway for trip hazards like exposed tree roots, missing pavers and cracks in the driveway. Make repairs where possible. Where repairs are not possible, limit access to avoid trips and falls. Also check for electrical cords that you may be using to light up your Halloween decor and house. Make sure that all cords are tucked away and that there is no risk of tripping over them.
  2. Light up your porch – I know it may seem festive to turn off your porch light to make it more spooky but this is not inviting and may also cause accidents to occur. Make sure that there is enough light for Trick-or-Treaters to approach safely. If you don’t already have lights on your porch, there are plenty of affordable options like glow sticks and tea lights.
  3. Resist Halloween decorations that are flammable – There are many more fires on Halloween than any other typical October night. You would be surprised with how quickly paper, straw and dried cornstalks lights up with just a simple candle. Keep these items as far away as possible from candles and other heat sources. illuminate jack-o-lanterns and luminary figures with LED Tea Lights not open flames.
  4. Put your dog away – Halloween costumes at times are convincing enough to frighten small children and this also may true for your dog especially in all the commotion of the evening. Contain your dog indoors in a secure and safer area.

Be safe out there and have a fun and safe Halloween night.


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