Downsizing, Hoarding and Decluttering – Hamilton Real Estate Show – June 25 2016

June 26, 2016

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Our show today is about Downsizing, Hoarding and Decluttering. There are a lot of Seniors that have come from a generation of not having much money and having to work very hard for everything. Because of this, Seniors tend to keep everything that they have accumulated over their lifetime. The younger generation do not want to deal with all this “stuff” once their parents either pass away or need to downsize. Someone has to pack this stuff and get it out of the house. Pamela Culp Blanchard from and is the one that The Golfi Team will send in to give an estimate to get the senior where she needs to be. She will work with the Senior to get them ready. If a house is packed to the rim with “stuff” when it is listed, chances are that it is a fixer upper. People know going in that these homes may require a lot of work to be ready to be lived in.

Are all Stagers the same? No. Stagers are not all the same. They all have their own niches. Some specialize in vacate homes. Some specialize in high end homes or middle class homes. Others only stage using their inventory or rentals. There are different stagers to fit all the different types of customer needs. Jacqueline Paradisi of, design and staging solutions and Pamela Culp Blanchard of sometimes work together to be able to cover all the needs of one client.

Does the whole house need to be staged? No. Some stagers go in and do just the main floor. Some will do the main floor as well as the upper level if there is a master bedroom upstairs. Some stagers will go in and stage a complete house, including the basement, recreation room and decks. It all depends on what the family would like and what is going to show that house the best and get the most return. Staging a house, usually yields a bigger price for the home and more than pays for the cost of staging.

Stagers use updated furniture which really enhances the home and sometimes people want the furniture thrown into the deal!

What about pets? Do they need to be removed from the home? It is recommended that if you have animals in the home, that they be locked into a room, in the garage, in a kennel or on a leash in the back yard.

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