Do you need a Home Inspection when buying a property and why? The Hamilton Real Estate Show June 18, 2016

June 18, 2016

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On this edition of The Hamilton Real Estate Show Rick Zamperin is in the studio with Rob Golfi and David Furry of AmeriSpec Inspection Services of Niagara discussing everything you need to know as a buyer or seller in Real Estate transactions. Topics include:

Do you Need a Home Inspection?
Things to look for in a home Inspection?
With the hot housing market continues to spark bidding wars and, in many cases buyers are putting clean offers to get the house they want.
The Home inspection industry is not licensed. How do you find a good home inspector?
Should we always ask the seller if there have been any leaks in the basement?
What happens when a home is damaged just before closing?
What if a Seller hides defects of the home purposely.
Is a Home Inspection necessary for a brand new home?

What the consumer is looking for may be different than what a home inspector is looking for. A good inspector is looking for those big ticket items that require replacement over time – specifically the age and condition of the roof, the age and condition of the air conditioner and furnace, has the plumbing and electrical been updated – is it current of is it older,  is there any asbestos in the home (a big concern) that’s wrapped on pipes, perhaps Vermiculite in the attic. People want to know about all the major components in the house. Some of the smaller ticket items in the house like a missing receptacle cover or a dripping tap are also noted in a home inspection.

Home Inspections help you to know what you need to plan for to update the home or renovate. Sometimes Home Inspectors can find things that home owners don’t know about. Home Inspections are an evaluation tool for the condition of the home prior to you taken ownership. Even a new home should get a home inspection. Listen below to find out why.


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