Home Inspection | Costs when Buying a Home

The home inspector evaluates the structures and systems that make up your home. At the end of the process he provides you with a written report.

Home Inspections are not mandatory but many people make a professional home inspection a condition of their Offer to Purchase.

Buying a home without a Home Inspection is not a wise thing to do. The risk of finding surprises in the home after your buy your home may be far more expensive than the cost of the initial Home Inspection.

Getting a Home inspection is not a guarantee that you will not find problems later but it is definitely safer than not getting one at all. It’s no different than having a mechanic look under the hood of a used car that you are considering purchasing. In some cases, your bank or other lender may require a home inspection.

A home inspection will give you insight to the condition of the home for systems that aren’t immediately noticeable. The furnace, plumbing, electrical and roofing are all examples of areas that would need a closer look. The home inspection may find problems in these areas which will affect your decisions in the buying process. You can roll the costs of these repairs into your offer price or you can insist that these repairs be done prior to closing.

The cost of a Home Inspector is minimal as compared to the investment you are about to make so don’t try to buy a home without it. Ask your real estate agent to recommend a few Home Inspectors and choose one. Inquire with your real estate agent as to what cost to expect from a home inspector in your area.

Approximate Cost : $500 One-time Cost


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