Buying a Home Virtually with Krista Toussaint, Real Estate Agent with The Golfi Team

April 15, 2020

Times are certainly changing and we, as professionals, must learn to adapt and assist our clients as best as we can while making changes to our regular way of life.

I have been working with my clients since the end of February, so they had plenty of time to carry out their home search during “normal” times. We visited plenty of homes in person and even submitted an offer. They definitely had a good head start in terms of understanding the market, pricing and what they liked and didn’t like.

Once the “Covid” way of life hit and in person showings subsided, my clients slowed their search but continued to keep an eye on properties online both on as well as through listings that I sent them. They fell in love with a particular property that ticked all of the boxes but was over budget. How did they know they loved it without seeing it? The home had amazing photos and a great video and online walk through. They were able to envision living there without actually viewing it in person.

Due to time constraints (the property was holding offers), we discussed our options and they decided that they would like to submit an offer without viewing it first. We all felt confident with this decision and knew that we had an “out” because we went in with condition of sale, financing and inspection. The wonderful part about it all, was that we were able to do all of the paperwork virtually. I typed up the offer in my home, sent it electronically through Docu-Sign to my clients to review and sign, and then on to the listing agent. From there, the listing agent was able to email it to her clients and review the offer over the phone with them. Negotiations were all done over the phone, email and text until we reached an agreement.

Was I a bit nervous for the inspection and the first walk through? Yes, of course! But I still felt very confident that they would love the home because of all of our history of house hunting (both online and pre-covid). And sure enough, they did! The inspector showed up an hour and a half before my clients so that he could do his work and allow my clients limited exposure. (Shout out to Dan Golfi who did the inspection for me as I am currently opting not to do face to face showings at the moment),

From there, we had to sell their home to make this deal firm. Luckily, we did all of the prep work ahead of time as they had signed paperwork in February and we had photos and video ready to go. We simply had to give the green light. My seller was ok with in-person showings but we limited them to 30 minutes and no double bookings. Within 1 week, we received multiple offers and I’m happy to say that her home is now conditionally sold.

Thoughts through this? I’m over the moon that I was able to assist my clients in making their dreams become a reality during these uncertain times. It was tough managing emotions over the phone and by text. There were numerous times where a face to face conversation would have eased stress but in the end, the overall result was achieved (well we are 98% there) and everyone is happy!

Krista Toussaint, Realtor with The Golfi Team

Krista Toussaint, Real Estate Agent with The Golfi Team

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