Top 5 Best Neighbourhoods To Live In St. Catharines, Ontario

Living in St. Catherines is truly living in the best of both worlds. Better known as “The Garden City”, this is the largest city located in the Niagara Region with a population of approximately 140,000. Residents don’t feel as if they live in a big city mainly due to the lush greenery that permeates the city. Located along Lake Ontario, and less than 20 minutes from Niagara Falls is an additional bonus, as there are picturesque views everywhere residents look, and a plethora of fun to be found. 

St. Catherines is well known for its vast hiking trails and immaculate parks. Residents of the city love having all the modern amenities and the ability to find solace in the natural landscapes surrounding the town. The Niagara Escarpment runs directly through the city, so there is beauty stemming throughout the entire city. There is no shortage of outdoor beauty and activities offered in and around St. Catherines, which is why it has become so popular recently. Although this city is the largest in the Niagara Region, many from the bigger cities like Toronto are seeking smaller communities with more access to the outdoors. 

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    1. Port Dalhousie
    2. Glenridge
    3. Grapeview
    4. Lakeshore
    5. Port Weller

Even though St. Catharines is considered the largest city in the Niagara Region, it also has a huge sense of community and a small-town feel. Residents love coming together to frequent the fruit and vegetable markets or participating in the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival. Canada Day is also another big community event that locals love to participate in. 

Brock University is located within city limits, and quite a few students call it home. There is ample student housing and plenty of student life filtering through the town. The downtown area has an amazing after-hours scene that is sure to stir up some fun after a long work or school week. During the day, the downtown area is full of restaurants, performing arts centers, a hockey arena, and much more. 

Boring is not a word typically used when describing what it’s like to live in St. Catherines. Residents truly enjoy the unique lifestyle that is experienced while living in such an amazing place. We at Golfi Realty Inc., want to help find our clients their dream homes in St. Catherines. The hardest part for prospective homeowners is deciding where they want to live within the city. So to create a visual, and give some additional information, we have done our research and taken our experience to develop a list of the top 5 neighbourhoods to live in St. Catherines. We hope this list is informative and helps prospective homeowners create an idea of where they want to live. 

1. Port Dalhousie

Located along the waterfront, this neighbourhood has picturesque views of Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment. This neighbourhood also has a lot of history within, as it was the first terminal for three routes through the Welland Canal that date back as far as 1820. One of the most sought-after beaches on the shoreline of Lake Ontario is the historical Lakeside Park and it is also located within the Port Dalhousie neighbourhood. This quiet and beautiful neighbourhood is highly sought after by prospective residents.

Port Dalhousie Real Estate

The historical significance of this neighbourhood does not mean there is nothing modern here. Modern residential neighbourhoods surround the original canal village and offer families the opportunity to enjoy living in a well-maintained waterfront community. 

Most of the homes within this community are single-family homes on decent-sized lots. Many of the homes have waterfront access in their backyards with lots of trees and greenery filling up the neighbourhood. 

The average price of homes in this neighbourhood tends to be between $700,000 and $6.2 million. 

Port Dalhousie Education

Two schools are located within the Port Dalhousie community, and others are located not far away.

Port Dalhousie Local Amenities & Activities

Port Dalhousie has a grocery store for all grocery and household shopping. Any other amenities can be found in the downtown area of St. Catherines which is less than a 10-minute drive away. 

Lakeside Park is a popular attraction amongst tourists and residents. It’s not hard to spend a full day on the water’s edge having fun. Rennie Park is also located within the Port Dalhousie community and is located along the Niagara Escarpment. 

The Royal Canadian Henley Rowing Course is located on Henly Island which is also situated in the Port Dalhousie neighbourhood. Every year many gather to watch the rowing teams compete, with lots of fun and activities too.

Port Dalhousie Commutes

Getting from Port Dalhousie to other cities in the region can be a quick or slow drive, if you're looking to commute to and from Port Dalhousie - here are the driving times you can expect via Google Maps: 

  • Hamilton, ON - 54.2 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (46 minutes)
  • Ancaster, ON - 68 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (44 minutes)
  • Toronto, ON - 109 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (1 hour, 10 minutes)
  • Niagara Falls, ON - 23.5 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (18 minutes)

2. Glenridge

Glenridge is a gorgeous community located on the southern side of St. Catherines and spans the downtown area. Brock University is located within this neighbourhood, so there is a lot of diversity amongst the residents. From families to students, to retirees this neighbourhood has everything to offer every walk of life. 


Glenridge Real Estate

In the northern part of Glenridge, the homes have a unique appearance. Most of the homes located in the northern region of Glenridge have historical Tudor-style appearances on large lots. This is known to the residents of St. Catharines as Old Glenridge. There are a mix of modern new construction and older homes outside of the historical Old Glenridge.

With Brock University located within the neighbourhood, there are also plenty of places to rent an apartment or room in a house. Many of the students and faculty of Brock University call Glenridge home. 

This community holds both apartments, condos, and single-family homes for prospective residents to choose from. The average price of homes in the neighbourhood is generally between $400,000 and $2 million. 

Glenridge Education

There are several schools located within the Glenridge community.

Glenridge Local Amenities & Activities

Glenridge isn’t just a neighbourhood for college students to enjoy. There is a myriad of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy in Glenridge. Burgoyne Dog Park, Woodgale Park, and Town & Country Park are located within the community, and they offer outdoor recreation and picnic areas. Residents love to enjoy a walk around one of the local parks with their families, or simply relax in the sun on a weekend afternoon. Many residents also love going to the St. Catharines Golf & Country Club to spend a day enjoying the beautiful scenery while playing a great game of golf. 

Also located within the Glenridge neighbourhood is the Children’s Science & Nature Area which is located within the old Glenridge Quarry. The quarry was shut down in 2002 and turned into a nature preserve. There are many educational outdoor recreation activities for children, as well as a plethora of walking and hiking trails throughout the area for residents to enjoy. There is also a small lake for fishing. 

Due to the Glenridge community being located so close to the downtown corridor, all necessary amenities can be found within the neighbourhood. There are plenty of places to go grocery, retail, and beauty shopping. A Wal-Mart Super Centre and HomeSense are located within the Glenridge neighbourhood. The Hotel Dieu Shaver Hospital is also located within the Glenridge Community for quick access to the residents. The restaurant scene is very diverse with anything from fine dining to fast food. 

Glenridge Commutes

Getting from Glenridge to nearby cities can be a major factor when deciding if it's right for you. If you're buying with the intention of commuting to and from Glenridge - here are the driving times you can expect via Google Maps: 

    • Hamilton, ON - 74.3 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (47 minutes)
    • Ancaster, ON - 71.7 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (47 minutes)
    • Toronto, ON - 116 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (1 hour, 17 minutes)
    • Niagara Falls, ON - 17.6 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (18 minutes)

3. Grapeview

Grapeview is an eclectic neighbourhood located just below Port Dalhousie on the western side of St. Catharines. On the eastern side of the community, the Welland Canal borders the homes and businesses of the Grapeview neighbourhood. This neighbourhood has quick and easy access to two major roadways; Queen Elizabeth Way and Highway 406. This allows the residents of Grapevine easy access to surrounding cities and outdoor activities. 


Grapeview Real Estate 

Grapeview has a high concentration of families, therefore most of the homes in this community are single-family homes with decent-sized lots. Martindale Heights is also located within the Grapeview neighbourhood and has a lot of newer and modern construction coupled with the historical aesthetic of St. Catharines. 

The rate of homeownership in this neighbourhood is higher than in other neighbourhoods in St. Catharine with approximately 78% of homes being owned and only 22% of homes being rented. 

The average price of homes in this neighbourhood can generally range between $600,000 and $1 million. 

Grapeview Education

There are two schools located within the Grapeview neighbourhood, and others just outside of the community.

Grapeview Local Amenities & Activities

There is an Avondale Food Store located within the Grapeview community. All other amenities needed for daily living can be found less than a 5-minute drive away. There are also a few delectable restaurants located within Grapeview for residents to frequent. 

There are three parks located within the Grapeview neighbourhood. The Grapeview Baseball Field is an outdoor recreation facility where families go to watch their children participate in sports, as well as play on the playground. The other two parks feature gorgeous picnic areas and walking and hiking trails for residents to exercise on. 

Harvest Estate Wines is located right on the southern outskirts of Grapeview in the Harvest Barn Fruit & Vegetable Market. Many residents of Grapeview love to spend time here tasting the varieties of wine and catching up with friends. 

Grapeview Commutes

Getting from Grapeview to other areas in the region can be one of the biggest factors in choosing a neighbourhood.  If you are looking for a home and expecting to commute to work, here are the driving times you can expect via Google Maps: 

    • Hamilton, ON - 68.5 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (45 minutes)
    • Ancaster, ON - 65.4 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (44 minutes)
    • Toronto, ON - 110 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (1 hour, 12 minutes)
    • Niagara Falls, ON - 23.9 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (17 minutes)

4. Lakeshore

Lakeshore is a waterfront neighbourhood located on the eastern side of the Port Dalhousie community and is the most northern neighbourhood in St. Catharines. This neighbourhood is ranked the #1 best neighbourhood in St. Catharines.  There are waterfront trails and piers for residents to enjoy, as well as many historical artifacts to commemorate the history surrounding the area. This neighbourhood is highly sought after by prospective homeowners due to the direct access to Lake Ontario and the picturesque views all around. 


Lakeshore Real Estate

Most of the homes in Lakeshore are single-family homes with approximately 2-5 bedrooms. Each home sits on decently sized lots with spacious backyards. 89% of the homes in Lakeshore are owned and 11% are rented. There are newly constructed or remodelled homes sprinkled throughout the subdivision, with most homes being built in the late 90s and early 2000s. 

The median price of homes in this neighbourhood generally ranges between $700,000 and $1.8 million. 

Lakeshore Education 

There are two schools located within the Lakeshore community with others located within a short drive. 

Lakeshore Local Amenities & Activities

The Waterfront Trail starts in the Lakeshore community and travels along the shoreline to Weller Park which makes it an approximately 3.8-mile loop trail. Many residents of Lakeshore love to get their after-work exercise by taking their families on a stroll along the Waterfront Trail. 

West Cliff and Lakeview Parks are also located within the community of Lakeshore. They offer lots of picnic and outdoor activity spaces for couples, families, and retirees to enjoy during the beautiful spring, summer, and fall months. 

The historical Port Dalhousie East Pier is located within the Lakeshore neighbourhood and offers many historical artifacts to learn about as well as fishing and other waterfront activities. 

The Lakeshore community has a grocery store for daily living amenities. All other amenities needed can be found just a short drive away in the downtown area of St. Catharines. There are also several restaurants in the community that residents love to frequent. 

Lakeshore Commutes

Getting from your work or family's homes in the region to Lakeshore, St. Catharines can be a deciding element of which neighbourhood you choose.  If you are concerned about commute times, here are the driving times you can expect via Google Maps: 

    • Hamilton, ON - 69.4 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (45 minutes)
    • Ancaster, ON - 66.8 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (45 minutes)
    • Toronto, ON - 111 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (1 hour, 16 minutes)
    • Niagara Falls, ON - 23.2 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (18 minutes)

5. Port Weller

Port Weller is a unique community located on the northern side of St. Catharines. This neighbourhood is unique due to it being split in half by the Welland Canal. Port Weller West has a significantly higher population than Port Weller East due to the agricultural and industrial development that includes farmland and wineries. The 9/11 Memorial Park is a significant landmark to visit, as there is a tree planted for every Canadian life that was lost when the Twin Towers fell. The Port Weller community is full of life and greenery, as well as many indoor and outdoor activities. 

Port Weller Real Estate

This neighbourhood is full of trees with mainly single-family and multi-family attached homes. The vast amount of greenery and trees within this neighbourhood create a rural feel with privacy that residents thoroughly enjoy. With most homes being on average 2-4 bedrooms and situated on decent sized lots there is a home for every aesthetic the prospective homeowner is trying to find. 87% of homes in this neighbourhood are owned and only 13% are considered rentals. There is a mix of newly constructed homes, older homes, and remodelled homes to choose from. 

The average price for homes in the Port Weller community can be between $500,000 and $1 million. 

Port Weller Education

There are two schools located within the Port Weller community as well as there are others located just a short drive away.

Port Weller Local Amenities & Activities

Green spaces abound in Port Weller, including eleven parks, half with creeks or streams; three tennis courts; four basketball courts; four baseball fields; and six soccer fields; 6+ playgrounds, two elementary schools, and three churches. The municipal beach is located at the entrance of the Welland Canal and provides ample amount of space for families to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. 

Happy Rolph’s Animal Farm is located in Port Weller East and has loads of activities and fun with animals to create the experience of a lifetime. 

There is a trail within the neighbourhood for residents to soak in the views while getting some exercise. The George Nicholson Memorial Trail runs the entire length of the eastern side of the Port Weller Harbour. The fantastic views of Lake Ontario are a big reason why residents love walking along the trail year-round. 

Port Weller Commutes

While Port Weller is near the major towns in the region, commute times can have a large impact into which neighbourhood you choose for your home search. Here are the commute times for cities near Port Weller according to Google Maps: 

  • Hamilton, ON - 73.6 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (51 minutes)
  • Ancaster, ON - 71 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (53 minutes)
  • Toronto, ON - 115 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (1 hour, 24 minutes)
  • Niagara Falls, ON - 21.4 km via Queen Elizabeth Way (21 minutes)

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