Bitcoin for a down payment, is that even legal? Hamilton Real Estate Show March 10, 2018

March 16, 2018

This week on The Hamilton Real Estate Show, Rick Zamperin with Rob and Phil Golfi discuss topics that range from the possibility of crypto currency becoming the norm in a real estate transaction to a power couple from the Bronx giving back to inner city children through education. The following topics are discussed in the upcoming podcast:

Real estate markets analyzed:
Individual Markets are looked at and analyzed from Burlington to Niagara. A look back on one of the hottest years in the real estate market and what it means going forward. Statistics such as: Average House price, Houses Listed, and which cities are getting affected the most are discussed for 2017 vs 2018.

What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas:
Phil and Rob recollect their trip to Las Vegas to attend and accept the annual Remax Real Estate Awards. The father-son combo talk about their experience at the Remax Real Estate Awards and what it meant to be nominated and win in 2 different categories, 1 of those being on a global platform.

Thinking outside the box:
A Toronto based real estate agent takes a different approach towards marketing their open house by hiring a food truck to be stationed outside the respected house that was being showed. Rob and Phil discuss the pros and cons to this unique approach as well as explore other marketing techniques and how effective or defective certain strategies can be.

Bitcoin for a down payment, is that even legal?:
In fact, yes it is. The new and innovative method of using crypto currency as form of a payment for a house is now a very common reality in the world of real estate. Tune in to hear how it works, who accepts it, and what to expect going forward on crypto currency in today’s market.

JLO and A-Rod giving back:
The power couple that is Jennifer Lopez(pop culture icon) and Alex Rodrigues (Former MLB all star) have teamed up with a wall street analyst to give back to the community in the form of education. The group is starting a program where inner city kids are taught about different markets and investments to assist the kids in becoming financially literate.

Taking a positive from a negative:
The Love Locke ST campaign is the final topic in this week’s podcast. The positive response to the events that occurred is highlighted and seen as the right response. Rob and Phil reflect on the recent riots on Locke Street downtown Hamilton, what it means to the community, and the repercussions after the riots occurred.


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