Are Mellenials behind a new Real Estate surge? – Apr 7 2018

April 07, 2018

On this week’s episode of the Hamilton Real Estate show Rob Golfi and Philip Golfi are joined by Golfi Team sales representative Jesse Melo. Rob Golfi and Jesse Melo discuss what the experience was like as a young new individual realtor and the advantages of working on a real estate team in contrast to being an individual.

Home buying intentions for young millennial’s continues to be a top priority across the country. The strength in millennial buying intentions have been driven by increased confidence in the economy and their own job security. Many young Canadians are getting very creative effort to be approved by mortgage lenders lenders today. With the interest rate increases by The Bank of Canada and the implementation of the stress test by the big banks – going to the bank of mom and dad seems to be more popular than ever for first time homebuyers. As housing prices continue to increase rapidly a gifted down payment will also become increasingly popular.

Jesse Melo shares his previous experiences on why he chose to go the real estate route even with his background in law from McMaster University in Hamilton. With his family being in the construction industry and always having an interest in real estate the transition was flawless.

Rob discusses the differences and challenges of starting a team today in comparison to when he started his team. Some of the rules that have been implemented by different governing body’s have made it difficult for some team to grow quickly. Rob mentions that the more people that are working for on a team allows for a enhanced and superior client experience because many time consuming tasks are delegated to allow for the team representative to have more time for the client.



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