Kyle Guthro
Sales Representative
Kyle Guthro
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About Kyle Guthro

Meet Kyle Guthro, a distinguished real estate agent revolutionizing the industry with his unparalleled expertise and dynamic approach. As an award-winning public speaker and top-tier real estate professional, Kyle is dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial and real estate goals through strategic investments and innovative sales tactics.

Since 2008, Kyle has built a multi-million dollar real estate investment portfolio across Southern Ontario. His expertise covers various strategies, including Airbnb, buy & hold, fix & flip, private lending, raising capital, construction and development, residential sales transactions, and multifamily properties.

As a licensed real estate agent, Kyle's market knowledge and exceptional negotiation skills make him the preferred choice for clients navigating the complex real estate market. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a seasoned investor, or looking to sell your property for top dollar, Kyle’s bespoke personalized approach and access to an abundant network of people will ensure success at every step.

Kyle's influence extends beyond individual transactions. He has shared his insights with thousands of real estate enthusiasts across North America, including sharing the stage with Grant Cardone. His role in creating and selling the Grant Cardone licensing program underscores his expertise and dedication to sales . Kyle’s engaging talks offer invaluable knowledge, establishing him as a sought-after mentor and coach in the real estate community and landed him a small role on the real estate reality TV show, "Listing Large.". He has served as a special advisor to the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) and is collaborating with the Real Estate Wealth Lab (REWL) to help expand their real estate investing operations.

Ready to find or sell your dream home? Connect with Kyle (@kyleguthro) today and let his exceptional negotiation & sales skills combined with a tailored approach turn your real estate dreams into reality.