Jessica Hume
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Jessica Hume
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About Jessica

Jessica Hume is a dedicated and ambitious real estate agent on the Golfi Team. Although her free time is limited as a busy mother of young children, Jessica loves exploring new foods and places with her family. The most significant influence on her life was becoming a mother, which allowed her to put her childhood into perspective and continue on her mission of self-improvement.

Despite having lived in the Middle East for several years and being well-travelled, Jessica's favorite place in the world is the beach. She finds it to be the most relaxing place, where she can exfoliate her feet in the sand and feel the sun and breeze.

Jessica has a great sense of humor and enjoys stand-up comedy and funny people. People often describe her as funny, smart, thoughtful, reliable, and strong. Before joining the real estate industry, she worked as a news reporter in print and television, and her last job before becoming a full-time realtor was as a producer at CTV National News.

Her favorite quote is "The best way to expose a fool is to let him speak." When it comes to dining out, Jessica's favorite restaurant is Golden Thai. She chose to work with the Golfi Team to learn from the best and achieve her personal best in business.