St Catharine’s Councilor wants a Vacant Home Tax. Could this fly? August 17, 2019

August 19, 2019
The Hamilton Real Estate show with the best real estate agent in Ontario

Rick starts off the podcast by Congratulating Rob on receiving the 2019 Luminary of Distinction Award, Less than half of one percent of Active agents in the Remax Network has achieved this award since it was created in 2012, originally posted to The Golfi Teams Facebook page. “It represents over 20 years of service and over 20 million dollars in commissions earned” Rob speaks about how he is humbled by this award and believes he could not have done any of it without the help of his team, but the awards don’t drive him, and that he truly loves the industry and that is what really drives him.

Rob speaks about his attempts in other industries, for example his beauty supply company Testarossa, Rob hustled trying to land a line of products called Schwarzkopf,  Rob eventually decided the industry wasn’t a good fit for him and backed out completely, amongst other business ventures.  Rob had to do a lot to get to this level. And all his hard work truly paid off.

Rick then brings up; A St Catharine’s Councilor wants a vacant home tax across the Niagara area, much like the B.C area and Vancouver, Rick then poses the question “Could this fly?” Which Rob responds to with disbelief that it could fly, saying he doesn’t think there are enough vacant homes in St Catharine’s to be effective, “It’ll hurt them more than it’ll help them” Rob says. Rob goes onto mention how in Vancouver he understands how there are actually a lot of vacant homes, Neighborhoods where lots of homes are vacant, Rob thinks what they might really be trying to do is lower the rental rate, which this won’t help do.

Rob goes over his thoughts on Pat Musitano’s home being listed for sale and how he thinks it’ll do on the market, He believes as soon as it sells the other surrounding homes will too as there won’t be as much fear of harm in the neighborhood; The house is currently for sale for $699,900

When will the Toronto real estate market crash? A Headline that caught Rick’s attention, “Is this something we’re waiting for?” Asks Rick, Rob goes on to talk about recessions and how they affect the real estate industry and how There are spikes and declines; He said that we’ll never really know when a spike of this stature will decline.

Best communities in Canada with affordable real estate in 2019, Rick speaks about this and how Hamilton is not on this list, The most affordable real estate community in Canada in 2019 is Salmon Arm, B.C, Niagara being 24th.

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