Home Buying Costs

  1. Deposit
  2. Down Payment
  3. Mortgage Loan Insurance
  4. Land Transfer Tax
  5. Appraisal Fee, Property Survey & Misc.
  6. Home Inspection
  7. Property Insurance
  8. Mortgage Life Insurance
  9. Legal Fees
  10. Title Insurance
  11. Moving Expenses & Services Connections

Moving Expenses & Services Connections

Download my Moving Guide Checklist. Don't forget about moving costs, connection fees and deposits for services (phone, electrical, gas, other utilities) because they can add up! Moving expenses vary depending on your particular situation and how much "stuff" you have. If you are moving from an small apartment, you may be looking at possibly buying some furniture to fill your new space.

Are you moving across country or up the street?

Call the utility companies well in advance to notify them of your move-in date. Ask about the cost of connection fees which may be required by some companies to be able to hook up your services such as Hydro or Gas. You might be lucky and not have to hire a moving company. Perhaps you have a group of family members or friends that are willing to help. You can ask your real estate agent for a referral for truck rentals as well. If you need to depend on a moving service to move you, price around because doing so could save you a bundle. Give yourself enough time to plan for your move. Relax and try to enjoy the process.

There are ways to reduce the stress of moving. If you have small children and are moving, read my post entitled "10 Tips for Preparing Young Children for a Move"