Home Buying Costs

  1. Deposit
  2. Down Payment
  3. Mortgage Loan Insurance
  4. Land Transfer Tax
  5. Appraisal Fee, Property Survey & Misc.
  6. Home Inspection
  7. Property Insurance
  8. Mortgage Life Insurance
  9. Legal Fees
  10. Title Insurance
  11. Moving Expenses and Services Connections

Title Insurance

Your lawyer will advise you of Title Insurance. This insurance protects you against any problems with the actual title of the property such as encroachment issues.

If structures that are on your property are encroaching on your neighbors property and needs to be removed, you will be covered through this insurance. It also protects you against existing liens against the property's title, title fraud, undischarged mortgages and other issues relating to the property's previous owners.

Approximate Cost: $250

One-time Cost