Home Buying Costs

    1. Deposit
    2. Down Payment
    3. Mortgage Loan Insurance
    4. Land Transfer Tax
    5. Appraisal Fee, Property Survey & Misc.
    6. Home Inspection
    7. Property Insurance
    8. Mortgage Life Insurance
    9. Legal Fees
    10. Title Insurance
    11. Moving Expenses and Services Connections

Legal Fees

These fees vary by province and are subject to HST where applicable. Make sure your lawyer quotes you for all related expenses and disbursements, not just legal fees.

Protect yourself against future problems that may arise from the purchase of your home by discussing your Offer to Purchase with your lawyer or notary prior to signing.

Your lawyer will hand you a bill at the end of the buying process. Shop around for a good real estate lawyer and ask for his rates. Your real estate agent can recommend a local lawyer for you if you don't already have one.

Legal fees and related expenses Approximate Cost: $1,300 - $2,500 One-time Fee