Why are homes in communities such as Hamilton's Durand Neighborhood in such high demand? May 12, 2018

Posted by Rob Golfi on Saturday, May 12th, 2018 at 12:05pm.


Rob Golfi and Phil Golfi are in the 900 CHML Studio with Rick Zamperin to discuss Real Estate Lock Boxes, Millennials driving Canada’s Hot Real Estate Market and how new rules have impacted the Sales of High End homes. Unique home sales are on the rise. These century homes are popular and unique and they very sought after. You can’t build the character and type of home that you can find in the Durand Neighborhood for example. Buyers will pay a premium for this type of home and are willing to wait for he homes to come up. These homes are specific and are hard to find. It starts with the neighborhood – people want to live in these unique and vintage neighborhoods. Listen above you hear the details for all these topics, Hamilton Real Estate Stats and so much more!

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