The uncertainty in the Hamilton Real Estate Market? CHMC weighs in on the 'toronto effect' - June 17 2017

Posted by Rob Golfi on Saturday, June 17th, 2017 at 12:01pm.

In studio for a discussion today is Rick Zamperin with Rob and Phil Golfi and Special Guests Anthony Passarelli - Senior Market Analyst and Lindsay Harvey both from CHMC.

Mortgage Loan Insurance Focus

1. What is CMHC’s role in the housing market?

2. What is Mortgage Loan Insurance?

3. How does MLI help Canadians?

4. Can you explain the recent changes to Mortgage Loan Insurance premiums that came into effect on March 17?

5. A few weeks ago, CMHC released its annual Mortgage Consumer Survey, what insights did it reveal?

6. Recently CMHC updated its Homebuying Step by Step guide, can you share some of the updates?

7. What other resources does CMHC have available for consumers during the homebuying process?

Market Analysis Focus

1. Any significant changes to the Hamilton market recently?

2. In what regions of Hamilton has demand held up better than others?

3. What has happened to the number of listings in the different regions of Hamilton?

4. Is Hamilton still a seller’s market?

5. What are some of the risks to the Hamilton housing market?

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