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Rick starts off the podcast by Congratulating Rob on receiving the Luminary of Distinction Award, Less than half of one percent of Active agents in the Remax Network has achieved this award since it was created in 2012, originally posted to The Golfi Teams Facebook page. “It represents over 20 years of service and over 20 million dollars in commissions earned” Rob speaks about how he is humbled by this award and believes he could not have done any of it without the help of his team, but the awards don’t drive him, and that he truly loves the industry and that is what really drives him. 

Rob speaks about his attempts in other industries, for example his beauty supply company Testarossa, Rob hustled trying to land a line of products called

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Rick Zamperin starts off by saying the definition of gentrification, “It is the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle class taste”. Rick Zamperin got a tweet from an individual asking “why aren’t Real Estate Agents being raked over the coals for gentrification and displacement”. Rick Zamperin responded to this tweet by saying, “I’m interested to hear or take on what role Real Estate Agents take in gentrification”. The individual responded, “They help drive prices up, and it’s a totally closed process “. Rick Zamperin tweeted back saying “I’m not sure how it’s a closed process, because anyone can put an offer in on a home. As for Driving up prices, Realtors try to get the best price for their client but

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Rob Golfi and Phil Golfi are in the 900 CHML Studio with Rick Zamperin to discuss the best time to search for real estate, Interesting story from Syracuse area of parents having to evict their millennial son because he just did not want to leave the home, a new Ryerson University Report on Millennials, the cooling off of the GTA Real Estate Market, Hamilton is among the top 5 least affordable cities in Canada. Listen above for details of all these topics and more….

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Rob Golfi and Phil Golfi are in the 900 CHML Studio with Rick Zamperin to discuss Housing Study in terms of C.D. Howe Institute, Victoria British Columbia White Hot in terms of Luxury Homes, OREA (The Real Estate Association) which is saying it is not going to wade into the election Campaign. Listen above for these and other interesting topics on the Hamilton Real Estate Show.

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Rob Golfi and Phil Golfi are in the 900 CHML Studio with Rick Zamperin to discuss Real Estate Lock Boxes, Millennials driving Canada’s Hot Real Estate Market and how new rules have impacted the Sales of High End homes. Unique home sales are on the rise. These century homes are popular and unique and they very sought after. You can’t build the character and type of home that you can find in the Durand Neighborhood for example. Buyers will pay a premium for this type of home and are willing to wait for he homes to come up. These homes are specific and are hard to find. It starts with the neighborhood – people want to live in these unique and vintage neighborhoods. Listen above you hear the details for all these topics, Hamilton Real Estate Stats

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Rob Golfi & The Golfi Team Are Proud To Be Members Of The Cross Canada Referrals Network

Cross Canada Referrals NetworkThe Cross Canada Referrals Group (CCR) is a group of independent top producing RE/MAX Real Estate Agents across Canada. Our award winning members are among the Top 100 agents with RE/MAX across this country. With mandatory requirements to be part of this group you are ensured you will be getting a market leader as your Realtor. Our outstanding records make us the No.1 source for your relocation business.

Nobody knows better than we do that your reputation as the local agent is on the line when you refer your client to an out-of-area Realtor. By sending your referrals to CCR Realtors you make sure that your client will be served only by the best top

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There was a special guest on this week’s episode of the Hamilton Real Estate show! Jeff Golfi joins the podcast alongside his younger brother Phil, father Rob and host Rick Zamperin. Jeff is a sales representative for the Golfi Real Estate team and brings fresh ideas to the table on this week’s topics.

Top 5 areas to buy in Hamilton:

The Golfi team reveals the top 5 neighbourhoods to buy in Hamilton according to a recent article by MoneySense magazine. Subjects such as affordability, potential, and establishment are all discussed as influencing factors on the top 5 rankings. Find out why these locations are not only attractive for home buyers, but investors as well looking for a successful venture flipping or renting.

Toronto – at

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On this week’s episode of the Hamilton Real Estate show Rob Golfi and Philip Golfi are joined by Golfi Team sales representative Jesse Melo. Rob Golfi and Jesse Melo discuss what the experience was like as a young new individual realtor and the advantages of working on a real estate team in contrast to being an individual.

Home buying intentions for young millennial's continues to be a top priority across the country. The strength in millennial buying intentions have been driven by increased confidence in the economy and their own job security. Many young Canadians are getting very creative effort to be approved by mortgage lenders lenders today. With the interest rate increases by The Bank of Canada and the implementation of the stress test by the big

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