How will the legalization of marijuana affect your home? - Jan 27 2018

Posted by Rob Golfi on Saturday, January 27th, 2018 at 11:44am.


How will the legalization of marijuana affect your home?

Emailed questions from Listeners,
Hi Rob, I'm debating whether to hire a property manager or manage the properties myself. Any suggestions?

Rick, Caledonia

Hi guys, Is buying a new build with the plan to assign it still a good investment?

Josie, Hamilton

Hi Rob, I'm currently in my 3rd phase of obtaining my real estate license, any advice for someone just starting their real estate career?

I'm planning on buying and selling in completely different areas should I use the same realtor for both transactions or should I use two different realtors?

Hey, I've heard you talk on the show that it's hard to find a good tenant, on 2 different occasions I've had the property i'm renting sell, my question to you is, how do I find a landlord that's not going to sell?

Hi Rob, there seems to be a number of issues when it comes to the legality of an accessory apartment/ in-law suite. I am interested in renovating my basement into an apartment in effort to help me with my mortgage payments and pay down some debts. Where do I start?

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