Award winning Vancouver realtors review the Foreign Buyers Tax & other topics - Aug 05 2107

Posted by Rob Golfi on Monday, August 7th, 2017 at 8:47am.


Special guests Adam and Matt Scalena, both well established and award winning realtors in Vancouver and hosts of the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast on iTunes are in the studio with Phil Golfi and Rick Zamperin. Ranked in the Top 10 Business podcasts by iTunes. You can find it on

Todays Main topics include -

1. Toronto has 48,000 realtors. By comparison, Chicago has 13,500 The looming slowdown threatens to trigger an exodus that could wipe out thousands of jobs and force the economy to shift down

2. Adam & Matt talk about how the Vancouver is so often compared to Toronto through national headlines and often tied together and explain where their market is trending

3. Ontario government implemented our foreign buyers tax and other initiatives in late April, our housing market has completely softened, no more multiple offers and bidding wars, in comparison, you had these initiatives implemented a few months earlier, how has that affected your market and have you recovered?

4. The foreign buyer tax is under review right now, what can you tell us about that?

5.  BC wild fires, what is the latest updates? how is this affecting your real estate market?

Right now, What are you clients biggest misconceptions in the market based on your interactions with your clients?

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