A talk with the Fire Information Officer about the safety of your home - June 10 2017

Posted by Rob Golfi on Saturday, June 10th, 2017 at 2:02am.

Topics for this show:

GTA home sales plummet – Hamilton still strong

Hamilton real estate boom continue despite listing hike

Hamilton Creating new city for millennials to live in.

Today's Special Guests: Claudio Mostacci – Fire Information Officer - and Brody Rob’s Dog

How important are smoke alarms and how often do you have to check them?

How are firefighters different now to when you started your career, whether technology, new training, new tactics, new equipment?

If there is a fire on the stove what should someone do?

How fast can a fire spread with open concept homes compared to the 100 year old homes?

How much time do you spend on fire prevention, whats going on?

Do you think it’ll ever be mandatory for sprinklers in new homes?

How have the new developments changed the way you prepare , do you walk through new buildings that are recently built, are given site plans?
What is the difference between the modern materials (ECT light weight construction) and the older home material and how does this effect fires in homes?

For someone who is looking to become a firefighter what would your advice be?

In a modern house, how long does it take for the fire to double in size?

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