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  • When does the Spring real estate market officially start? The Spring real estate market usually start before the official day of Spring. February or the beginning of March are great times to list you home. People tend to want to wait for Spring when flowers are in bloom and the winter thaw is over. This, however, may cause you to miss the market. Historically March is usually the best month to list your home, especially in the last 3 or 4 years. Looking at stats for the lasts 10 years reveals that March is usually the best month to list. If you have some summer pictures of your home, you can always include them in your listing. The weather is starting to get a bit better and the phone are starting to ring. The unit sale price in Hamilton is
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The first thing you need to do when looking for an apartment is to do your research. It is important that before you consider negotiating rent with a landlord, you first have an understanding the building. Be adaptable to what the Landlord is looking for in a tenant. If the location is extremely popular and has a very long waiting list, chances are, you will probably not be able to get a reduction in rent. There are many opportunities however to get a reduction in rent. You need to find out if there are issues with pets in the building and then agree not to get one. Sign something that agrees that you will not smoke in the building or have loud parties, overnight guests or use certain amenities. Think about more than just the rent when you discuss

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Plumbing hacks with Dan Guest from Guest Plumbing and Heating

Rick Zamperin, Rob Golfi and Philip Golfi had Dan Guest, owner and founder of Guest Heating and Plumbing on the Hamilton Real Estate Show.

Some of the best relationships are made on the golf course and it doesn't matter if your a hack golfer or shooting scratch, It is all about having fun and making sure that everyone you are playing with is having a good time. That's how Philip Golfi and Dan Guest met and today they're together on The Hamilton Real Estate show talking about plumbing, heating, and everything else!

Dan Guest talks about the inspiration of his company logo and branding. The maple leaf with the water drop and the blue and white font has been widely noticed on his

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How will the legalization of marijuana affect your home?

Emailed questions from Listeners,
Hi Rob, I'm debating whether to hire a property manager or manage the properties myself. Any suggestions?

Rick, Caledonia

Hi guys, Is buying a new build with the plan to assign it still a good investment?

Josie, Hamilton

Hi Rob, I'm currently in my 3rd phase of obtaining my real estate license, any advice for someone just starting their real estate career?

I'm planning on buying and selling in completely different areas should I use the same realtor for both transactions or should I use two different realtors?

Hey, I've heard you talk on the show that it's hard to find a good tenant, on 2 different occasions I've had the property

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Topics for today's show are;

1. Mayor Fred Eisenberger discusses the short list for Amazon and is “not surprised” Hamilton was omitted. Toronto is on the shirt lost and If Amazon goes to Toronto it’d be an incredible win for not only the province but Hamilton as well.

2. Hamilton’s building permits have topped a billion dollars for the 6th straight year, with 60% being residential, is Hamilton growing to big to fast?

3. The Hamilton Bulldogs hockey club lost in the bid to host the Memorial Cup due insufficient facilities host, was this a missed opportunity and can we see a new arena coming soon?

4. Fred Eisenberger discusses the city of Hamilton’s Light Rail Transit (LRT).

5. Fred Eisenberger a discusses why the city Hamilton is so attractive to

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Experience the The Golfi Team difference. Because of the sheer volume of work that we do, we are in a position financially to offer services that frankly our competition just can’t match. And because of what we offer, we are able to put more money in our clients pockets at the end of the day. We have the marketing power to bring more buyers to a home than any other real estate agent, which means more offers and sold faster. Our customers don’t mind telling others of their experience with us. Here is a link to what our customers are saying about us on Google. We have a 5 star total Google ranking with many Reviews. This does not take into account the other platforms that our clients are leaving reviews on ie Facebook, Rate My Agent. Also, I should

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Rob Golfi of Remax Escarpment Golfi Realty, recognizes that online reviews including Google reviews, Facebook Reviews and many other options available for on-line reviews is so important in this ever-changing Real Estate Market where customers are now engaging directly with businesses. The use of the Internet has evolved the Real Estate Industry for consumers in terms of the wealth of information available for those looking to either sell their home or buy a home or investment property.


Through online reviews, especially Google Reviews, Consumers now have a voice and the access to the information they need to make the decision to either purchase a home or sell a home. It makes sense that people are always much more likely to buy or sell a

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Topics today for The Hamilton Real Estate Show include:

Send your questions to

Where are Hamilton buyers coming from?

How do I convince my partner to move?

When I moved in, the seller left the house a mess. What are my options?

What is the best strategy to get my home sold? Is pricing high a good idea so that I can get more for my home?

Who should Real Estate agents be marketing to in 2018?

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Topics for today's Hamilton Real Estate Show Include:

How do you know if your home is overpriced in today's Real Estate Market?

Should you go with the Real Estate Agent that promises you a higher list price?

What are the dangers of overpricing your home?

Why should you interview several agents before listing your home?

How popular is The Hamilton Real Estate Show?

How do you get someone to overpay for your home?

How does customer feedback help in determining your homes true value?

What is more important for buyers? Style or location?

Tips for landlords.

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Merry Christmas From Rob Golfi & The Golfi Team.  We talk about Christmas traditions, memories and holiday fun on this edition of The Hamilton Real Estate Show. Topics today include the Foreign Buyers Tax and was it was a good idea. How has the Foreign Buyers Tax affected the Hamilton Real Estate market?

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