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Do's & Don'ts of Staging Your Home

Whether you view home staging as an absolute must, a necessary inconvenience or a triviality for those short on imagination, it’s increasingly clear that prettying up a place is becoming an entrenched part of today’s real estate deal.

Homeowners are commonly told to remove wallpaper, paint walls neutral shades and carpet or fix damaged floors. But some houses need much less and can do with a bowl of green apples, a vase of fresh flowers and a vanilla-scented candle.

So let’s look at what to do when staging your home:

Get rid of the clutter and de-personalize.Your collection of owls may not be telling the potential house buyer what a wise old bird you are. So it’s best to pack up your books, refrigerator

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A big trend that seems to be helping the sale of homes today is something called the pre-home inspection. Essentially, this is a home inspection that is commissioned and paid for not by the buyer, but by the seller.

It’s widely viewed as a proactive approach in which the seller lays their cards on the table by fessing up all that is wrong with their property. The thinking goes that potential buyers will see this as a benevolent and honest move, one which will pique their interest and motivate them to put in an offer. Knowing in detail about your home’s deficiencies means you are forewarned about repair costs which helps defend against unrealistic price reductions by potential buyers in the sales process. Because the owner knows in advance of

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So it doesn't look as though the rain is letting up. This was a difficult decision but the Movie Night for tonight will be cancelled. We will be choosing a winner for the KIA Draw in the next few days. Stay tuned for an announcement of the winner over the next few days. Again, Thank you to everyone who donated their time and resources to help with this event and we hope to see you out during next years Movie Night event in July. Remember to continue your support of the Food Bank by bringing your non perishable food items to the rear entrance of the Grimsby Benevolent Fund.

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Thank you to all the young artists who participated in our 2014 Easter Colouring Contest! Thank you to your friends and family who took the time to vote for you! We look forward to receiving your entry next year!

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Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. is raising its rates by an average 15% on May 1.

Although this is not good news for homebuyers since it will add to the cost of many purchases, the overall impact isn’t disastrous.

If you have less than 20% for a down payment, you must obtain mortgage insurance, either through CMHC or a private insurer such as Genworth Canada or Central Guaranty. The cost is typically added to your mortgage and paid over the 25 year amortized term.

The reason for mortgage insurance is that banks would likely not lend money to people who, for example, only have 5% for a down payment, unless the mortgage is insured. CMHC essentially guarantees the loan to the bank so that if the borrower defaults and the property is sold at a loss, CMHC

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Another productive year at the Grimsby Food Bank has passed and we are excited for what next year holds.

The Golfi Team Movie Night July 20, 2013 benefiting the Grimsby Food Bank is now over. Want to see what you missed? Watch this short video and see you again in July next year

Its all about the power of one. One caring person such as you, one volunteer, one staff member, one donation… one genuine act of kindness. But those “ones”, when multiplied by compassion of hundreds of others, are making all the difference in the lives of our neighbours in need of assistance. Yes, its tough not being able to solve the needs of everyone. But just because we can’t do it all doesn’t mean we should not do what we can. Help us today to make an impact on…
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