March 2018

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Congratulations are due for the Golfi Team! This week’s episode of the “Hamilton real estate show” is significant because today marks the 100th episode on 900 CHML. Rob and Phil recall their past leading up to the 100th show and what this milestone means for them.

The 100th podcast starts off with Rob recalling his recent experience recording a commercial in New York City. This was his fourth time collaborating with marketing mogul Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank. Phil shares a funny story of his own about a couple of fans and their feedback on the father-son podcast.

The city of Ancaster is the topic of discussion this week. Rob and Phil talk about house prices in Ancaster and how buyers and sellers are reacting. Small houses are now

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On the last podcast of the winter- Rob and Phil discuss the strategy behind bidding wars and what they mean for home buyers. Rob shares past experiences with bidding wars and how they aren’t always the right approach toward getting that price you want. In fact, the argument is made that they can potentially do more harm than good.

Home owners are now utilizing their home security systems to gain insight on what buyers think of their home! Phil and Rob discuss how this new trend is becoming a more common occurrence when showing buyers their potential homes. Is it okay to leave cameras on in your own home? Should they be turned off before a showing? These are questions that are asked and answered on this weeks podcast. The pros and cons of

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This week on The Hamilton Real Estate Show, Rick Zamperin with Rob and Phil Golfi discuss topics that range from the possibility of crypto currency becoming the norm in a real estate transaction to a power couple from the Bronx giving back to inner city children through education. The following topics are discussed in the upcoming podcast:

Real estate markets analyzed:
Individual Markets are looked at and analyzed from Burlington to Niagara. A look back on one of the hottest years in the real estate market and what it means going forward. Statistics such as: Average House price, Houses Listed, and which cities are getting affected the most are discussed for 2017 vs 2018.

What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas:
Phil and Rob recollect their trip to

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