March 2017

There are 3 blog entries for March 2017.

Rick Zamperin is in the studio today with Rob Golfi, Jennifer Draho and Phil Golfi. Below is a list of discussions….

1. Jennifer Draho talks about her personal experience on trying to buy a home in Hamilton and going into competition and losing the house of her dreams.

2. Phil Golfi talks about listing a home and buyers that come in with letters attached to their offer that are designed to sway seller. Telling the seller your personal story can really help you win a bid in this very hot market when you are competing with so many other buyers.

3. Hamilton Waterfront – Search for Pier 8 Developer has been launched. Bids are going to start coming in. They are looking for a developer for Hamilton Waterfront. They hope to turn 15 residential units as

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Topics today for the Hamilton Real Estate Show include:

1.    February Stats
2.    Ottawa releasing updated Road map to Homeownership
3.    City of Hamilton eliminating jobs because of hot housing market.
4.    Big award for Rob Golfi and the Golfi Team.
#1 in transaction sales in Canada for Remax
#1 in transactions sales with Realtors Association of  Hamilton Burlington.

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Topics today for the Hamilton Real Estate Show include:

  1. What can you buy for 1 million dollars today now versus what you could have bought  in 2007
  2. Chinese home buyers turn attention away from Vancouver. What this means for the Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara Markets.
  3. Canada’s red hot real estate heats up apartment market to heights not seen in 30 years.
  4. How a great Real Estate Agent manages multiple offers and just how difficult it is to do? What are the RECO rules around a Multiple offer?
  5. Need a home evaluation? The Golfi Team experience will get you home sold. Go to
  6. To Enter Our Golfi Team Colouring Contest to win 1 of 3 Bikes, go to


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