December 2016

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Buying a home in the GTA now requires a six figure income. The household income required to afford a home in the GTA is approximately $180,000. If salaries stay the same and interest rates increase, the GTA buyer buying in Toronto will be unable to afford their home. This is creating a push in the Hamilton market for GTA buyers that see housing here as being much more affordable. An average home around Brock University is $373,000 so the approximate household income required to support a home here is $76,000. So commuting to Hamilton from Toronto is becoming a 'thing' for Torontonians. They are now willing to commute 1 1/2 hours to and from work every single day to be able to afford a home. What comes with all this push for Torontonians buying in Hamilton…
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Today in the studio with Rick Zamperin and Rob Golfi is Ashley Sidler from The Golfi Team.  Exciting news for The Golfi Team is their Official partnership with The Hamilton Bulldogs. Also in discussion today is Elf on the Shelf -  a unique Golfi Team Voting Contest for listeners. Email if you have a question for Rob Golfi.

We have record Sales once again for the month of November for the Hamilton and Niagara Region. The population is growing and the GTA buyers are still moving towards the Niagara and Hamilton regions. Also the infrastructure for this region is only getting better as well. Listen to the show to hear the numbers for the sales in this area. A combination of interest rates, influx of outside buyers and a population

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Topic for today’s show  is Landlords,  things you should know before becoming a landlord  and how to avoid common mistakes rental mistakes. Today Rob Golfi is in the studio with Rick Zamperin and special guest Nilo Grabar, Paralegal Of Centennial Law Group  905-526-0736.

Things you should know before becoming a landlord.

1.    Rental properties: Do it legally, or don't do it.

2.    Is it a get rich quick scheme?

3.    I the rent taxable and there are expenses.

4.    Once they're in, it's hard to get tenants out.

5.    A rental unit in your basement won't necessarily add to the value of your home.

6.    Should Landlords be handy.

 How to avoid common mistakes of first-time landlords.

1. Should you live near your rental property

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Topic for today’s show is what is happening in today's market and we will be covering a variety of real estate topics. Rob and his team also discuss with Rick Zamperin the scandal over hidden cameras revealing the unethical practice of Toronto Realtors. Today Rob Golfi is in the studio with Rick Zamperin and special guests sales representatives from the Golfi Team - Jennifer Draho and Monique Mackay

Today’s Topic – What is happening in the Real Estate Market…

 1.    Royal Bank of Canada increase fixed mortgage rates

2.    Ontario helping first time buyers

3.    Hidden cameras reveal Toronto agents

4.    Should you buy a home from relatives privately?

5.    Mistakes of buying a flip – story to tell

6.    What’s easy, to purchase a flip

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