July 2016

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Our Special Guest for this show is Norine Jones of Power Vac Services Hamilton.

Topics for this show are:

What is vermiculite?
What are the health risks of vermiculite containing asbestos?
When did Vermiculite Start?
When did they realize vermiculite was hazardous?
How many homes in Hamilton would you think has Vermiculite Insulation?
Who do you call to test and see if you have vermiculite Insulation?
Could Animals cause toxic problems in your attic?
What is John Mansfield Insulation?
How often should we clean our ducts?

Norine Jones of Power Vac Services Hamilton

Listen below for the answers to these questions and more!

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Rob Golfi and Jennifer Draho are in the Studio with Rick Zamperin answering questions from listeners.


What are the costs of Selling a Home? Commissions, Mortgage Penalties and Legal Fees.

I want to list my house and I have never sold a home before. I just want to know what can I expect in the process and what are the costs of listing a house?

We're thinking of listing our home and we noticed in our master bedroom we have traffic patterns in our carpet should we replace that before we put it on the market.

Should you hire an agent on gut feeling?

How important is it to have a real estate agent vs private for sale?
I have listed my home with an agent and I’m not happy with him. Can I cancel my contract and hire someone else?

If I put an

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This episode of The Hamilton Real Estate Show is about Mortgage Life Insurance and Home Ownership and some of the pitfalls. Todays guest is Gianni Leonetti of Tripemco Financial Services. The first question we have for Gianni is - Do you need Mortgage Life Insurance and where should I buy it? It is very daunting when you have to purchase mortgage insurance just because there is a lot of confusion as to what kind of insurance you need when you buy a home. There is bank insurance versus third party traditional insurance with a regular insurance company. With the home being the largest purchase any one individual will make in there lifetime and in some cases 2 or 3 times, there is a sense of confusion as to which insurance they should buy. What is the

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