February 2015

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RandomA home inspection – a thorough visual inspection of a home’s structure and its systems – is often a critical part of the home sale process. Many homebuyers demand a home inspection as a condition of the sale; however, sellers less frequently use pre-listing inspections  (also known as a seller’s home inspection) to market their home.

Here are 3 reasons why a seller’s inspection may be right for you and how it can give you the upper hand when selling your home!

1. Get the price right.

A seller’s inspection can assist you in objectively determining what the price of your home should be. If the inspection reveals things that need to be repaired, you can opt to repair these things or adjust the price accordingly.

Making these choices prior to

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Hamilton, Stoney Creek & Grimsby is a growing hot bed for real estate, where buyers (and their real estate agents) need sharp elbows to secure a deal. Now these cities are becoming even more cutthroat for home seekers, thanks to a shift in the way bidding wars have evolved and become the norm.

In this low-inventory environment, sellers are receiving numerous offers on their properties, causing them to backtrack on selling to the first submitted offer, in bidding wars, which have become increasingly common, the concept of “best and final,” in which Agents ask buyers to submit their highest and most appealing offer.

For buyers, the shifting landscape is causing frustration. “Now there are buyers who will pay $2000-$60,000 over asking. Sometimes the

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