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Rob Golfi Sales Representative with RE/MAX Escarpment The Golfi Team is in the AM900 CHML studio with Rick Zamperin talking with Sam Migliaccio of Mortgage Architects Hamilton 905-975-6555. Topis include....

1. Toronto Buyers coming to Hamilton – How the Golfi Team deals with it.
2. How are appraisers dealing with this market.
3. Home buyers showing signs of fatique.
4. Land Transfer Tax Rebate  - $2,000 to $4,000.
5. How do interest rates look?
6. CMHC Mortgage vs None CMHC mortgage.
7. Last time Sam was here we where talking about the Mortgage stress test of  4.64 %  implemented by the government. Has that impacted the Market at all?
9. Where are people getting the 20% for non occupied home – investment property.

Sam Migliaccio of Mortgage Architects

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Rob Golfi and  Dave Ryback from Harvey Moving Systems are in the AM900 CHML studio with Rick Zamperin talking about moving your possessions once you sell or buy a home.

Sold or bought a home and now you have to move in or out of it? There are several options you have when moving your possessions safely and securely. Harvey Moving Systems is a full service short and long distance moving company. From packing to relocating to unpacking, Harvey Moving Systems is a full service company. Harvey Moving Systems can also arrange for plant, pet or vehicle transportation. Most people do their own packing and then just call to move their belongings safe and sound from point A to point B. Harvey Moving systems is a member of Atlas Van Lines that has been in

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Rob Golfi and Monique Mackay are in the studio AM900 CHML with Rick Zamperin. Topics Include....

Selling privately is a big mistake in this market. There is a strategy to selling in this market and if you choose to sell privately you may be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.  You need to have your home on the open market and you need a realtor to bring as many buyers as possible to your home. You need to get your home exposed to be able to sell for the best price. The Golfi Team has a Listing Strategy second to none. Our strategy involves a number of things but day of week and time of day listed play an important role. Bully Offers are quite common and this can make the deal quite stressful for agents and clients.

We have a story of a bid

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Rick Zamperin is in the studio today with Rob Golfi, Jennifer Draho and Phil Golfi. Below is a list of discussions….

1. Jennifer Draho talks about her personal experience on trying to buy a home in Hamilton and going into competition and losing the house of her dreams.

2. Phil Golfi talks about listing a home and buyers that come in with letters attached to their offer that are designed to sway seller. Telling the seller your personal story can really help you win a bid in this very hot market when you are competing with so many other buyers.

3. Hamilton Waterfront – Search for Pier 8 Developer has been launched. Bids are going to start coming in. They are looking for a developer for Hamilton Waterfront. They hope to turn 15 residential units as

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Topics today for the Hamilton Real Estate Show include:

1.    February Stats
2.    Ottawa releasing updated Road map to Homeownership
3.    City of Hamilton eliminating jobs because of hot housing market.
4.    Big award for Rob Golfi and the Golfi Team.
#1 in transaction sales in Canada for Remax
#1 in transactions sales with Realtors Association of  Hamilton Burlington.

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Topics today for the Hamilton Real Estate Show include:

  1. What can you buy for 1 million dollars today now versus what you could have bought  in 2007
  2. Chinese home buyers turn attention away from Vancouver. What this means for the Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara Markets.
  3. Canada’s red hot real estate heats up apartment market to heights not seen in 30 years.
  4. How a great Real Estate Agent manages multiple offers and just how difficult it is to do? What are the RECO rules around a Multiple offer?
  5. Need a home evaluation? The Golfi Team experience will get you home sold. Go to
  6. To Enter Our Golfi Team Colouring Contest to win 1 of 3 Bikes, go to


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Rob Golfi, Sales representatives with Remax Escarpment the Golfi Team is in the studio with Rick Zamperin and Special Guests talking about the Real Estate Topics you want to talk about.

Also with here with us is Ralph Vitello of Tripemco Burlington Insurance Group located in Stoney Creek

Talking about everything you wanted to know about your home insurance policy that you didn’t know.

Here are some questions we are going to ask this morning:

  • Are the rates different in different locations, or how close the house it to a fire department effect premiums?
  • Are the rates affected by the type of construction?
  • Is mold covered under certain situations and is there a limit for mold damage?
  • How much liability protection do we need?
  • What level of
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Special guests for todays Hamilton Real Estate show Jennifer Draho and Monique Mackay Sales Representatives for the Golfi Team. Topic today is - Renovations and things to think about before you decide to start.
1.    Budget, budget, budget
2.    Find the right contractor
3.    Be realistic
4     Do your research
5.    It's all in the details
6.    Get advice
7.    Don't have any regrets
8.    Renovate for the future
9.    Check in every day
10.   Have fun!
Biggest Renovating Mistakes...Listen to our show here

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Today's Hamilton Real Estate show is with Ashley Sidler, Sales Representative with the Golfi Team. We are in the studio with Rick Zamperin to discuss a few real estate related topics. We are talking about January Stats just in from the Hamilton Burlington Real Estate Board and how has the Go Station affected real estate numbers in our area. George O'Neill, CEO of the The Hamilton-Burlington board is expecting another double digit increase in housing prices in 2017. Median price is expected to rise abut 12% which would bring the average price of a home in Hamilton-Burlington to over half million. These stats combine the numbers for Hamilton, Burlington and surrounding areas. Also,  would a violent crime in the neighborhood affect the sale price of

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