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Rick Zamperin is in the studio today with Rob & Phil Golfi with The Golfi Team Remax. Special Guest today is Haseena Mandel of Crown Pest Control Services 905-331-1001 servicing the Hamilton Burlington and surrounding area.

1. About Haseena Mandel – Who Am I & What I Do – How did I get into the pest control industry?
2. The Background of Company – We are Members of the Oakville & Burlington Chambers of Commerce
3. CROWN Services: We Provide – Pests, Rodents & WildLife Control.
4. We provide preparation services prior to & post treatment i.e. (vacuuming, sorting, bagging, and laundering clothing & linens off-site), removing & dumping of any infested furniture. We also provide education classes for property management firms, landlords & private

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Today on the show, Rick Zamperin & Rob Golfi are in the studio with Phil Golfi sales representative of the Golfi Team and special guest Bob Simpson from the Pool Shoppe at 1333 Rymal Rd Hamilton 905-388-5391

Topics today –

1. Ontario is proposing banning the practice of double ending, in which a real estate agent represents both a buyer and a seller in a transaction.

2. Do swimming pools add value to your home.

- Best practice is to have Pool company inspect the pool rather than home inspection company

- How do I know if my pool fence satisfies Hamilton bylaws

- How should I decide on the design of my pool?

- Would you recommend a cement pool?

- What colour pool surface is best for heat retention

- What is the cost of

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Guest Today - Yvonne Villeneuve, Marketing Manager from Grasshopper Solar

In today's discussion, we will answer questions you may have about solar panels on your home.

If my roof is covered in solar panels, how do i go about fixing it?
How does solar effect my roof?
What about my house insurance?
What about maintenance?
How much does solar cost?
Are there government incentives or rebates I can take advantage of for the installation of solar panels?
What does solar do for the resale of my home?

Also today - Are Torontonians the "New Hamiltonians"?
Stuart Berman wrote an article in the Toronto Life Magazine. His wife is actually from Dundas. Stuart grew in Toronto and loved the hustle and bustle, the restaurants and everything about Toronto. Stuarts

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In studio for a discussion today is Rick Zamperin with Rob and Phil Golfi and Special Guests Anthony Passarelli - Senior Market Analyst and Lindsay Harvey both from CHMC.

Mortgage Loan Insurance Focus

1. What is CMHC’s role in the housing market?

2. What is Mortgage Loan Insurance?

3. How does MLI help Canadians?

4. Can you explain the recent changes to Mortgage Loan Insurance premiums that came into effect on March 17?

5. A few weeks ago, CMHC released its annual Mortgage Consumer Survey, what insights did it reveal?

6. Recently CMHC updated its Homebuying Step by Step guide, can you share some of the updates?

7. What other resources does CMHC have available for consumers during the homebuying process?

Market Analysis Focus

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Topics for this show:

GTA home sales plummet – Hamilton still strong

Hamilton real estate boom continue despite listing hike

Hamilton Creating new city for millennials to live in.

Today's Special Guests: Claudio Mostacci – Fire Information Officer - and Brody Rob’s Dog

How important are smoke alarms and how often do you have to check them?

How are firefighters different now to when you started your career, whether technology, new training, new tactics, new equipment?

If there is a fire on the stove what should someone do?

How fast can a fire spread with open concept homes compared to the 100 year old homes?

How much time do you spend on fire prevention, whats going on?

Do you think it’ll ever be mandatory for sprinklers in new homes?

How have the new developments…
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Rob Golfi, Phil Golfi and Rick Zamperin are in the CHML studio and these are the topics….
- Has Hamilton’s Real Estate Market prices reached its peak?
- The minimum wage increase – Will a $15 minimum wage be good for Real Estate?
- Hamilton’s Economic Department going to Toronto. They want to sell our city to Toronto…to show them that Hamilton is a hidden gem. Hamilton has room to develop and is not as expensive as Toronto. Everything is changing in the Downtown core of Hamilton.
- The Real Estate Market is now shifting. The activity level has dropped considerably. Multiple Offers are no longer the norm. The market is not as intense. Conditions can now go back into the offers. Sellers are now becoming difficult because they don’t understand the shift in

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Need a Greek Speaking Real Estate Agent? John was born and raised in Hamilton to Greek immigrant parents. He grew up in the family business, a Greek grocery and bakery, that was considered one of the cornerstones of the Greek community in Hamilton. Later he attended Algonquin College in Ottawa, graduating from the Architectural Technology program. John’s career in residential housing started with his own business designing custom homes in the Ottawa-Carleton area. After moving back to Hamilton in 2005 he set his business in a new direction buying distressed century homes and renovating/restoring them. Johns love, knowledge and history in housing as well as the Greater Hamilton Area equips him with all the tools needed to give clients a first class real

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Vik can fluently speak in English, Hindi, Punjabi & understands Urdu.

Vik Matharu has a pleasing personality. Born and raised up in Punjab (Chandigarh) India, Vik is an educated individual as he is Bachelors in Commerce ( and is a law graduate (LL.B) from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Vik migrated to Canada in 2006 and has been living ever since in the great township of Stoney Creek. In these 11 years due to his humble and kind approach, Vik is very well known in the community.

Real Estate business has always appealed Vik as it involves dealing with different clients and being a very sociable person he loves this profession. In real estate Vik's strong strength is dealing with his clients with the best approach like respectfully listening

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On this airing of The Hamilton Real Estate Show, Rob Golfi talks to Rick Zamperin and special guest Ralph Vitello of Tripemco Burlington Insurance Group located in Stoney Creek.

Today's discussion is about your home insurance policy and everything you need to know about it

Some questions we are going to ask this morning.

Are the rates different in different locations, or how close the house it to a fire department effect premiums?

Are the rates affected by the type of construction?

Is mold covered under certain situations and is there a limit for mold damage?

How much liability protection do we need?

What level of additional living expense coverage do we need?

Are we covered for earthquake or natural disasters?

How often

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