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August 17, 2017 – Rob Golfi CHML Radio Show   ---   Listen above for entire show!

With Rob & Phil Golfi and Rick Zamperin on Today’s  Hamilton Real Estate Show are guests:

Mark Page – First Canadian Title (Head - Certified Resale Home Service) & David Furry – AmeriSpec Inspection Services


  1.  A coalition of environmental groups wants to see homes for resale in Canada to carry information about how much energy they use. So this is a group of 10 organizations and they want the federal government to implement nearly 2 dozen policies to cut energy use in commercial and residential buildings. They would like to ensure that all new homes are net zero energy capable, generating their own energy through solar and other sources by 2030.
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Special guests Adam and Matt Scalena, both well established and award winning realtors in Vancouver and hosts of the Vancouver Real Estate Podcast on iTunes are in the studio with Phil Golfi and Rick Zamperin. Ranked in the Top 10 Business podcasts by iTunes. You can find it on

Todays Main topics include -

1. Toronto has 48,000 realtors. By comparison, Chicago has 13,500 The looming slowdown threatens to trigger an exodus that could wipe out thousands of jobs and force the economy to shift down

2. Adam & Matt talk about how the

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Today in Studio with Rick Zamperin and Rob Golfi is Phil Golfi and Adam Chiaravalle 2017 political science graduate from McMaster and research assistant to Dr. Chad Harvey at the school of interdisciplinary science.

Todays Show Topics:

1. Are Hamilton housing prices overvalue, just like Toronto and Vancouver?

2. Win A $500 Rens Pet Depot Gift Card and 1 year supply of Big Country Raw - Enter at Cutest Dog Contest

3. A conversation with Adam Chiaravalle regarding climate change, food and local food sustainability....

“There’s is a poverty of ambition if you don’t think you can make a difference in the world”. That was a quote from former U.S President Barack Obama. At McMaster I have learned that this quote

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Rick Zamperin is in the studio today with Rob & Phil Golfi with The Golfi Team Remax. Special Guest today is Haseena Mandel of Crown Pest Control Services 905-331-1001 servicing the Hamilton Burlington and surrounding area.

1. About Haseena Mandel – Who Am I & What I Do – How did I get into the pest control industry?
2. The Background of Company – We are Members of the Oakville & Burlington Chambers of Commerce
3. CROWN Services: We Provide – Pests, Rodents & WildLife Control.
4. We provide preparation services prior to & post treatment i.e. (vacuuming, sorting, bagging, and laundering clothing & linens off-site), removing & dumping of any infested furniture. We also provide education classes for property management firms, landlords & private

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Today on the show, Rick Zamperin & Rob Golfi are in the studio with Phil Golfi sales representative of the Golfi Team and special guest Bob Simpson from the Pool Shoppe at 1333 Rymal Rd Hamilton 905-388-5391

Topics today –

1. Ontario is proposing banning the practice of double ending, in which a real estate agent represents both a buyer and a seller in a transaction.

2. Do swimming pools add value to your home.

- Best practice is to have Pool company inspect the pool rather than home inspection company

- How do I know if my pool fence satisfies Hamilton bylaws

- How should I decide on the design of my pool?

- Would you recommend a cement pool?

- What colour pool surface is best for heat retention

- What is the cost of

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Guest Today - Yvonne Villeneuve, Marketing Manager from Grasshopper Solar

In today's discussion, we will answer questions you may have about solar panels on your home.

If my roof is covered in solar panels, how do i go about fixing it?
How does solar effect my roof?
What about my house insurance?
What about maintenance?
How much does solar cost?
Are there government incentives or rebates I can take advantage of for the installation of solar panels?
What does solar do for the resale of my home?

Also today - Are Torontonians the "New Hamiltonians"?
Stuart Berman wrote an article in the Toronto Life Magazine. His wife is actually from Dundas. Stuart grew in Toronto and loved the hustle and bustle, the restaurants and everything about Toronto. Stuarts

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In studio for a discussion today is Rick Zamperin with Rob and Phil Golfi and Special Guests Anthony Passarelli - Senior Market Analyst and Lindsay Harvey both from CHMC.

Mortgage Loan Insurance Focus

1. What is CMHC’s role in the housing market?

2. What is Mortgage Loan Insurance?

3. How does MLI help Canadians?

4. Can you explain the recent changes to Mortgage Loan Insurance premiums that came into effect on March 17?

5. A few weeks ago, CMHC released its annual Mortgage Consumer Survey, what insights did it reveal?

6. Recently CMHC updated its Homebuying Step by Step guide, can you share some of the updates?

7. What other resources does CMHC have available for consumers during the homebuying process?

Market Analysis Focus

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