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With Rob today is Jennifer Draho Sales Representative with the Golfi Team
Are Low Interest rates are here to stay.
Hamilton – market what has happened in the past 6 years
Private lending and B lenders how costly will it be?
Should you rent your Furnace and Air Conditioner?
How valuable is experience when selecting an agent?
Buying out your spouse or partner. Is it good or bad?

Rob, Rick and Jennifer discuss the situation in British Columbia and Metro Vancouver. There is a legal challenge on the British Columbia Levy that has been imposed on Foreign Buyers seeking a class action law suit on behalf of those forced to pay the 15% tax imposed on foreigners. The notice of civil claim alleges that BC acted outside its jurisdiction when the Property Transfer Tax

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Special Guest Paul Settimi  - Barrister, Solicitor and Notary Public  905-527-0808. Paul is a General Practice Lawyer who primarily does Real Estate Transactions.

Topics for this show include:

What happens when the buyer doesn’t close on closing date?
With the buyer not closing the deal does the seller still have to pay the Realtors commission?
If the seller gets another buyer to close on the sale quickly, can he or she sue the first buyer for breaching the sale contract?
If the seller sells the home for more money than the first deal can he keep the deposit?
Everything you need to know about Titles Insurance, Wills & Power of Attorney

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Join hosts Rick Zamperin and Rob Golfi, Sales Representative with ReMax Escarpement Realty, the Golfi Team every Saturday at 9 a.m. for a discussion about the real estate industry. Topics for Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016 with Jennifer Draho and Monique Mackay from The Golfi Team include:

What is the difference between a chattel or Fixture?
Who pays for Chattels and fixtures when they Break?
What if the fridge breaks down on week after closing?
What if the furnace stops working?
Whose responsibility does it become?
What happens if sellers switch appliances?

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Missed our August 27th, 2016 show. Here are the highlights!

Do home buyers need a  Lemon Law?
1.     There is nothing to protect a buyer who discovers a hidden defect after closing.
2.     Used car buyers get more consumer protection than resale home buyers.
3.     What is a Seller property information sheet?
4.     Is completing a Seller property information sheet mandatory?
5.     What are the implications for agents?
6.     What key things to consider when buying a resale?

What is the Best day to close your home Purchase?
Things to look for and do one week before closing on your purchase?

Rob talks more about The Golfi Team.
3 full time and 1 part time administrative staff. 18 Real Estate Sales Representatives.
1.   Experience
2.   Brand
3.   Customer

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Special Guest - Kim Alvarez - President of the REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington (RAHB). Leads 2,900-member association – the third largest real estate association in Ontario – in 2016. Kim is also a realtor with Royal Lepage Burloak  in Burlington.

  1. Biggest question Tim Hudak quitting politics to lead Ontario Real Estate Association. What might’ve impacted his decision? What changes could we expect? How might his leadership impact OREA? Could you foresee Ontario colleges developing Real Estate Courses?
  2. 2 agents in Vancouver leaving a business card after a spouse has past away, are there any code of ethics or disciplinary action with Ontario or local association. Has the media blown this out of proportion? Does this happen more
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Our Special Guest for this show is Norine Jones of Power Vac Services Hamilton.

Topics for this show are:

What is vermiculite?
What are the health risks of vermiculite containing asbestos?
When did Vermiculite Start?
When did they realize vermiculite was hazardous?
How many homes in Hamilton would you think has Vermiculite Insulation?
Who do you call to test and see if you have vermiculite Insulation?
Could Animals cause toxic problems in your attic?
What is John Mansfield Insulation?
How often should we clean our ducts?

Norine Jones of Power Vac Services Hamilton

Listen below for the answers to these questions and more!

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Rob Golfi and Jennifer Draho are in the Studio with Rick Zamperin answering questions from listeners.


What are the costs of Selling a Home? Commissions, Mortgage Penalties and Legal Fees.

I want to list my house and I have never sold a home before. I just want to know what can I expect in the process and what are the costs of listing a house?

We're thinking of listing our home and we noticed in our master bedroom we have traffic patterns in our carpet should we replace that before we put it on the market.

Should you hire an agent on gut feeling?

How important is it to have a real estate agent vs private for sale?
I have listed my home with an agent and I’m not happy with him. Can I cancel my contract and hire someone else?

If I put an

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This episode of The Hamilton Real Estate Show is about Mortgage Life Insurance and Home Ownership and some of the pitfalls. Todays guest is Gianni Leonetti of Tripemco Financial Services. The first question we have for Gianni is - Do you need Mortgage Life Insurance and where should I buy it? It is very daunting when you have to purchase mortgage insurance just because there is a lot of confusion as to what kind of insurance you need when you buy a home. There is bank insurance versus third party traditional insurance with a regular insurance company. With the home being the largest purchase any one individual will make in there lifetime and in some cases 2 or 3 times, there is a sense of confusion as to which insurance they should buy. What is the

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Our show today is about Downsizing, Hoarding and Decluttering. There are a lot of Seniors that have come from a generation of not having much money and having to work very hard for everything. Because of this, Seniors tend to keep everything that they have accumulated over their lifetime. The younger generation do not want to deal with all this "stuff" once their parents either pass away or need to downsize. Someone has to pack this stuff and get it out of the house. Pamela Culp Blanchard from and is the one that The Golfi Team will send in to give an estimate to get the senior where she

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