Awards & Accolades

Through the support of all of our clients, we have been able to achieve these incredible team awards over the years.
Thank you for your continued support and for making this possible – The Golfi Team

2017 | RAHB Award

rahb award

#1 on the Hamilton Burlington Real Estate Board

2017 | The GBF Community Recognition Award

gbf award

Tremendous community work is being done by the Grimsby Benevolent Fund (GBF) and we are honoured to be a part of it.

2007 - 2016 | Remax Diamond Club Award

diamond team

2013 | Remax Circle of Legends

remax circle of legends

2003 - 2009 | Remax Chairman's Club Award


2006 | Remax Lifetime Achievement Award

lifetime award

2003 | Remax Hall of Fame

hall of fame

2002 | Remax Platinum Club Award

platinum team

1999 - 2001 | Remax 100% Club Award
percent team