Janna French, Sales Representative

Janna was born and raised in the City of Hamilton, Ontario. In her early years, Janna successfully competed at provincial levels as a professional figure skater. After spending countless hours/years at the rink while maintaining top marks in school, Janna later attended such educational facilities as McMaster University (Business), Sheridan College (Marketing/Sales), OREA (Real Estate) among many other business and sales affiliated programs.

Janna began her early career in the Events Industry in the heart of Toronto, Ontario then moved on to assist in the growth and development of various Healthcare facilities in Ontario. After those successful ventures, Janna moved on to the Retail Sector and utilized her acute business and marketing acumen to head up the Marketing Department at her Family's successful and International Retail Chain. Focus then shifted to the Hospitality Industry and Janna opened a full-service Marketing & Events business, a restaurant and a cafe before moving on to the sales side of Real Estate.

Janna has had personal and financial interest in multiple successful businesses over the years and continues to be involved with a number of growing family businesses including the ownership of 70+ rental units in the areas of Hamilton, Ontario and West Palm Beach, Florida. This particular experience has given her the edge needed by her clients who have interest in investment in these specific markets.

Janna's pure commitment to her craft and her passion for real estate stem from years of customer-service-driven experiences. She is a strong negotiator, has a natural driven work ethic and is confident. She knows her successes are measured by her client's satisfaction level which is why she gives each individual her utmost professional attention.

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